Project Grow your own – progress report

Emmy is loving being in the garden, digging, planting and watering and every day she has been reminding me to ‘check her flowers’ and see if we can eat them yet.

I’m not entirely sure she realises what we are growing but she can definitely see the progress they are making.

We have gone from preparing the garden with Emmy helping to build the raised flower bed and through to planting the seeds and bulbs where she loved the digging the best.

Now that she can see the plants blooming she is enjoying our veggie garden even more.

We have repotted our peas and mange tout and made a frame for them to climb up with garden canes.

Digging, repotting, project grow your own

We have also replanted our tomatoes into grow bags and next to them we have placed our runner beans.  Emmy loved making some veggie patch markers to help us label and identify our veg drawing and colouring pictures of the vegetables.

Being outside and seeing the fruit and vegetable growing has been great for Emmy, she loves being involved in every stage of the growing, has helped me to weed, water and maintain and hopefully it will mean she will try some new foods once they are ready.

project grow your own, progress report, kidsgrowwild

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge”  for which we have been sent some gardening tools and seeds for Emmy from Money Supermaket who are sponsoring the challenge.

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