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We are really lucky to have a decent sized garden.

I love that it’s big enough for the kids to play in safely,  however parts of it are unsafe and unusable, definitely not child friendly.

When we moved in 9 years ago Paul had the grand idea of knocking down the brick built BBQ, sadly and to my dismay and despair 9 years later this is the sight I’m greeted with daily. (See pic on the right)

Having knocked down 2 layers of bricks he got bored.  The bricks lay to the side of our garden,  sharp jagged edges and all.  I’ve blocked it off as much as possible but the garden is not somewhere I can let the children play unattended.

This year Emmy and I worked hard at our #projectgrowyourown in our garden. I built a raised flower bed for our veggies,  we dug, planted and nurtured and our hard work paid off as we won a gardening competition winning £50 worth of gardening vouchers.  I’m still to use these as I’m waiting for the spring to buy another raised flower bed for more veggies.

I also began removing the overgrown and unloved trees from the garden. We can’t maintain them and they are a nuisance if I’m honest. I got so far and am now stuck so recently got a quote of £120 to remove them by a tree surgeon.  This is being done next month.

I then plan on decking that section of the garden or boarding over so the weeds and grass doesn’t come back through; and moving the children’s play houses across to that space.

I would also like to fence off 2/3 of the garden with a little fence, this is because of our dog Barney.  He has the disgusting habit of pooing under the kids swings and too close to their toys. Yes it can be cleaned up but by fencing off a section for him and having the children’s toys separate I won’t have to worry as much about making sure it’s all mess free every time I open the back door.

By next summer I will have the garden I want. I’m determined.  It’s only fair for the children,  so by hook or Crook I’ll make it happen.

At some point I would like to remove the grass too. It’s looking horrid and the ground is uneven across the whole of our garden. Eventually I wouldn’t mind replacing it with astro turf or some type of fake grass which probably has some extravagant name which I’ve no idea of!  However that is a few years off as it will be an expensive job.
Those are my garden plans and I’m pleased with them.  I know I’ll make it happen.

Tots100 and Activity toys are currently running a competition to find ambassadors and you can go virtual shopping to enter….well I don’t need telling twice and to complete my garden I would update the children’s tired and second/third hand toys (most of our garden toys have been picked up on eBay – bargains – our 2 play houses cost £40 for the 2, both have holes in the roof but for now usable)

If I could choose anything for the children for the garden I would love them to have:

TP Toys Big Bouncer as the zip in the children’s trampoline has broken and it’s now unsafe for Harry to use as he keep trying to throw himself off head first (Oh the joys of 1 year olds)

Then I’m torn between this fabulous swashbuckler play centre as it would follow Harry’s bedroom theme perfectly into the garden.

But I’m more swayed towards these:

Fun for Emmy and Harry to enjoy at the same time!  Of course the mats would be to keep Harry safe when learning to climb the ladder for the slide – as climbing is what he loves best of all.

My children just love getting messy, the muddier and messier the better so I would also like to add a plastic cooker to the garden and make a special area dedicated to mud pie making and digging to encourage this type of play as well as making a sensory musical area too:

Most people probably think I’m mad ridding the garden of plants and trees, it will be much easier to maintain for us as Paul has Fibromylagia and struggles to push the lawn mover and cut the trees, and caring for the children leaves me little time to do it myself.
By removing them and having raised flower beds for fruit and vegetables it will be more manageable and keep the dog away from our lunch too.

 This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

4 thoughts on “Project usable garden

  1. Love the swashbuckler play centre! My kiddies would love it! We have a pirate ship sand pit and nowhere to put it I'm determined to find somewhere for it before next summer 🙂

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