Promises to best friends

Do you have some very good friends?

I’m very lucky, there may only be a handful of them but my best girl friends know who they are:

  • They are ones who can call at ANY time day OR night 
  • They can turn up on my doorstep anytime and will never be turned away
  • They don’t care about the state of the house 
  • I can call and say “Can you have the kids?” and they say “Yes” and never “Why?”
  • They’ve seen be at my worst
  • They’ve seen me cry
  • They’ve probably even seen me on the loo
  • They hold my hand
  • We laugh, we cry, we gossip and we can even just sit in silence (although that is rare)
To my best friends – I LOVE YOU!

10 Promises Every Woman Should Make To Her Girlfriends Provided by Mecca Bingo

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