The Pros and Cons of having a Personal trainer

Does this sound familiar? You want to get in better shape. You sign up for gym membership, start reading tons of resources and getting tips from other fitness buffs. Yet, you constantly feel that you lack a bullet proof system for meeting your goals faster. That’s the point when most people start wondering whether a personal trainer is worth it or not? I have been here many times myself, motivation always stops me from making use of my local gym – it’s in the next road, I should have no excuses really!

Obviously, different trainers have different styles and personalities. First of all, you should look for the signs of a great trainer:

  • Relevant education, certification, and accolades. Not all certifications were created equal, however. Do check them at National Register of Personal Trainers to verify their credentials.
  • They perform regular assessments.
  • They focus on your nutrition as well.
  • They have client testimonials and feel comfortable sharing those.
  • They are a walking illustration of great shape.

Now, considering that you have a few prospects in mind, let’s weigh in on the possible pros and cons of having a dedicated trainer.

Personal trainer helping woman working with heavy dumbbells at the gym


You will see the results faster. According to the recent research by Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, you are 30% more likely to hit your goals with a personal trainer vs. solo workouts.

You will stay safer. Unfortunately, gym accidents happen more often than you think. Did you know that between 1990 and 2007, over 970, 000 people went to emergency with weight training-related injuries only? However, I didn’t have any serious traumas ever since I’ve opted for personal training in East London. Personal trainers always watch over your technique and make sure you don’t get hurt.

Your motivation won’t sink. Pushing yourself to the limits over and over again can feel soul-crushing. In fact, according to Fitness Industry Association, 22% of people will quit the gym in just 24 weeks. Additionally, 15% of those paying membership fees visit less than once a week, and 3% taking the barbell less than twice a year. Will a personal trainer let you waste your money and break that New Year resolution? I doubt. They’ll help you to stay more focused on your goal and support you both physically and mentally.


“You get what you pay for”. Sure, there are some subpar celebrity trainers and incredible diamonds in the roughs underpricing their services, but finding the right PT may take some hit and misses. Always look into their certifications, ask to speak with former/current clients and inquire about a test week before you go all in.

Your diet will need adjustments too. Working out regularly is just part of the deal. Your dining habits take the large part of the road towards meeting your health goals. Hence, if your personal trainer doesn’t have nutritionist certifications (or doesn’t work with one), your results may not be that prominent.


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