The Pro’s of a UK Wedding

Heading abroad for your
big day might have a certain appeal. Guaranteed sunshine is often the
main factor – a mixture of strong wind and downpours isn’t
exactly the ideal scenario when it comes to an expensive white dress
and many cranky relatives. There have been reports that more Brits
than ever want to head abroad to get hitched, but are we missing a

We give our small Isles
a bit of stick sometimes, but it does have some amazing venues for
weddings, as well as great quality food from all over the world,
delightful weather (sometimes) and a great atmosphere. So what are
the pros of getting married in the UK?
UK Focused Planning

I’m not talking about
spending a fortune hiring a person who clearly doesn’t understand
you as a couple and is insisting on a crazy extravaganza costing a
small fortune. You can get amazing online tools to guide you through
the process.
is free and has all the important categories sorted including guest
list planner, suppliers, to-do list and the budget tracker. The
budget tracker, in particular, is a great way to clock ALL of your
spending, from those little bits’n’bobs that mount up to the
butterflies-in-your-stomach purchases like the venue. You can easily
prioritise those elements that are most important to you. Not only
this, you have a great selection of UK focused destinations to browse



have so many fantastic cultures in the UK. This means our food is
some of the best in the world. We’re spoilt for choice when it
comes to cuisine and this can really be taken advantage of when it
comes to your wedding day. I love the idea of taking the formal
aspect away from your wedding meal and creating
a delicious buffet
. Not the bland sandwich
affair, but a buffet with a range of different foods from Indian to
Thai, Mediterranean to American, every type of cuisine has its
delicious dish and you can combine them all for your wedding easily
when based in the UK. Why not check out a few pop up shops so popular
around London at the minute for some inspiration? This option keeps
everyone happy and full.
Good weather…if
you plan it right!

Despite the
old stereotype of Britain being rainy and dull, during certain
months, we actually have some pretty fantastic weather! The Autumn
and Winter can be a little unpredictable (although there are some
really great crisp and clear days, despite the chill) and late Spring
through to June can be a little damp. This leaves you with July
through to September (usually sunny and bright). This gives you three
months of usually decent weather to play around with, but you can
also do a
little research to determine weather trends in the last decade

giving you more options.



You’re at ease
When going on holiday,
we do prepare for something bad to happen; lost luggage, illness,
even a friend or family bust-up but when it comes to your wedding
day, the stakes are higher. Can you imagine your wedding dress being
lost in customs? What about a severely delayed flight and no-one at
your wedding? There are already many factors that can go wrong on
your wedding day if you decide to stay local, these issues are only
acerbated abroad. By hanging around in the UK, you will have a much
clearer head if things do go wrong. But of course, your wedding can
go ahead free of any drama anyway – you’ll just be much more at
ease on home soil.
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