Giveaway & Review: Protecting cuts & grazes this summer with Elastoplast

One thing is GUARENTEED in my house – either Harry or Emmy will fall over at least once a week and graze some part of their bodies – FACT!! My children (like most I’m sure) are clumsy.
They fall over their toys, the dog, in the park and even their own feet – many days they seem incapable of staying upright especially Harry – he is like a mini drunk guy heading home from an all night drinking session.
It then goes without saying one thing we go through a lot of in this house is plasters! and not only for the bleeding cuts and grazes – Emmy likes to use them for any red ‘ouchie’ she finds, whether it is old or new or even imaginary – thanks Doc McStuffins for helping with that one there.
The trouble I find in summer is that the kids are in and out of the paddling pool, running around and sweating and plasters don’t stay on very well – this then means I have to put on another and before I know it we have run out yet again.
We were sent a set of new and improved Elastoplast Aqua Protect plasters to try out at home, and it wasn’t long before Emmy was able to help out by conveniently falling over and cutting her knee.
These are clear plasters – which is better for summer as who want’s to wear a brown plaster on their legs or anywhere visible while donning shorts or even a dress?
They are also 100% waterproof so can be worn in the bath, shower, swimming or even in the paddling pool – and I can vouch that they don’t come off when wet like normal plasters do.  Emmy managed to wear hers for 4 days before I told her she HAD to remove it, and even then it took prising off of her knee.
There are 2 different boxes of plasters – those on the left (in the picture) come in 2 sizes which are perfect sizes for knees and larger cuts/scrapes, the box on the right are hand sixe and are smaller so best for cuts to the hands – inside this box are 3 different sized plasters.
I’ve found these great as Emmy can’t get them off herself and then demand a new one – that’s her usual trick!
“Exposure to water and dirt can not only slow down healing, but can also lead to infection of the wound.  Therefore, it is important to keep the wound well protected to ensure the best conditions for healing to take place.” – Carsten Hartkopf, Head of Plaster Development at Elastoplast Beiersdorf AG.
I’ve been given 5 sets of these Elastoplast Aqua Protect plasters (each set will include those pictured above).
To enter to win these please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will end at Midnight on 2nd September 2014 – Good Luck.

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97 thoughts on “Giveaway & Review: Protecting cuts & grazes this summer with Elastoplast

  1. a screwdriver (double ended of course, straight one end and crosshead the other) – you'd be amazed how often it's needed, usually because I'm the only person in the place with one

  2. I always have wipes , hand sanitizer and yes plasters , yesterday I needed 3 all for tiny little marks but it amazing how a plaster can make everything better straight away!

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