Putting new shoes to the test in Cornwall

Last weekend we managed to squeeze in our last holiday of the year, we headed off to Cornwall to stay with Paul’s for a few days.
Cornwall is a place we all love so much, Paul’s Dad is originally from Cornwall so his parents spent a great deal of time there as did Paul and his Brothers growing up, and with recent events and sadness it felt like a place we needed to be, to visit and to relive some of the happy memories.
Spending time with family away from all of the household distractions was what we all needed.  It was a very long drive for us however the children were amazing, well except for the ‘Are we there yet?’ questions constantly from Harry and the repeated singing of ‘Little Bo Peep’ from Emily around 50 times – they really were so well behaved both on the long journey there and then back again.
We headed off on Friday and back again on the Monday, too short a break really but all we could fit in.  We planned to fill our time there with fun and we certainly managed that.
Just before heading off the children received a very timely parcel each of their new Gortex Shoes as we are one of the Big Days 2015 families.
Fitting perfectly they were worn all weekend on the beach, for climbing and exploring and for walking around.
Harry was sent the Goretex Viking Osprey boots.  These boots are insulated inside to help keep feet dry and warm.  Fastened with faux stretchy laces and a Velcro fastener these are ankle style boots.
These have a very good grip on them, are easy to get on and off and also to fasten (although Harry can’t them on himself but he can’t do that with any boots).  Thankfully these are waterproof and are also breathable as kids feet tend to get rather warm when they are running around.
Emmy was sent the Adidas Terrex gtx K trainers. These are trainers in a plum and black colour.  The laces are speed laces – elasticated and instead of being tied these are pulled tight and fastened with a toggle type fastener, this makes doing them up far easier for children and they can pull tightly so they are secure (lets face it laces are really hard when you are little and it takes a LOT of practice and patience).
These trainers have a loop on the back to aid pulling them on and have a great grip as they have a TRAXION™ outsole which offers maximum grip on slippery treks as well as a Gore-Tex lining to make them waterproof and also feature reflective elements.  These are lightweight and very comfortable too.
As you can see the children put their shoes through their paces over the weekend, climbing over rocks, playing in the sand and even paddling in rockpools.
They both found them to be very comfortable.
The grips on both were great for climbing in, they did need a little help from Daddy but that’s because they went too high and got stuck.
I found they were great for keeping the sand out as Harry’s were ankle length and Emmy’s fastened tightly and to an extent they were waterproof – jumping in puddles was fine and walking through them but they were both soaked when they decided to paddle in the rockpools, which really didn’t surprise me and they were rather deep.  Emmy’s dried out quite quickly but Harry’s too a very long time to dry because they are heavier and thiner material.


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7 thoughts on “Putting new shoes to the test in Cornwall

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed a timely and well-earned short break! I have to say that while I agree with your comment about laces being difficult for little ones and taking lots of practice, it also strikes me that the only way we learn and become good at anything is by repeated practice. Sometimes the easy way out is convenient, but not the best option in the long run, if you know what I mean 🙂

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