Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar

The children love opening their advent calendars daily and for them the main attraction is being allowed to eat a chocolate in the morning, often even before their breakfasts.

I remember having the same joy every morning in December as a child too, now I am older advent calendars aren’t something I would actually buy for myself, or any adult really unless they are the Ginadvent which I am lusting over but I don’t think anyone loves me enough to buy one of those.

Recently I was sent an advent calendar which would be perfect for adults or even older children from My Photo Puzzle. This is a jigsaw puzzle advent calendar – I say older children because in each box you get 8 puzzle pieces so you gradually make the puzzle over the course of 24 days, I think younger children would most likely have lost the pieces half way through the month and wouldn’t be able to complete it (I know this would happen in our household).

The puzzle advent calendar is a customised puzzle, you send in a picture of your choice and it is then printed off onto the puzzle which then comes presented in a box style advent calendar with 24 boxes. Each box contains 8 puzzle pieces and a chocolate with day 24 containing 16 puzzle pieces and a chocolate.

The recipient won’t know what the puzzle picture is until they have completed the puzzle on day 24 but it isn’t that hard to put together as the 8 pieces daily are all together, starting from one corner of the puzzle and working around the edges in a circle until you reach the middle.

You can of course choose any picture you want to have printed on the puzzle, the more colourful the picture the longer the recipient will be left guessing at the finished puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzle advent calendar
It actually took me a few boxes before I realised I had this puzzle upside down (hint – start top left!)

I chose to have one of the children together printed onto ours, they are standing infront of a graffiti wall in London so the picture is very colourful and it is hard to guess what the end result will be.

The picture quality is on the puzzle is really good quality and the chocolates delicious – I did eat way too many just check the quality. This arrived very promptly after it was ordered via UPS and I had email communication throughout to say it was on the way.

The completed puzzle size is 27 cm x 39 cm and the actual advent calendar can be displayed in profile or landscape by turning the boxes around – there are pictures on both sides.

Prized at £29.99 this is a gift which could keep on giving, I took a sharpie to ours to number the puzzle pieces on the back – this meant I could put them back into the boxes, add more chocolates and will be giving to my parents for their advent this year. Each year it could be passed onto another family member to enjoy.

There is still time to order yours in time for Christmas, please do visit the website for details.


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