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Those of you who are following me on Facebook and Twitter will have noticed that today I have asked you all a question.

This got me thinking – Now I often have people asking me questions all the time, mostly to do with Nannying and Childcare and more often than not I can answer those questions, but what happens when you have a question you do not have the answer to or that has more than one answer?

That answer is we Google or ask others and try our best to find out.  So why not have the wealth of others try to answer that question for you or give you their opinion to the question?

I will try to ask a new question each week but I invite you all to help me with this, if you have a question you would like an answer to why not email it to me at with “Question of the week” in the subject bar, and ask me your question, don’t forget to include your name so I can credit you when I pose your question of the week.

Today’s Question of the Week:
If you were to interview Elmo from the Sesame Street would would you like to know? 
Post your answers below and keep following as I may be able to answer some of your questions as Emmy and I are meeting Elmo on Friday


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