Question of the Week? Cooking tips answered by the Great British Master Chef

Sorry I haven’t forgotten about my new feature Question of the week – i’ve been really busy and not had a chance to follow it up, hopefully it will now feature every week – time permitting.
I will try to ask a new question each week but I invite you all to help me with this, if you have a question you would like an answer to why not email it to me at with “Question of the week” in the subject bar, and ask me your question, don’t forget to include your name so I can credit you when I pose your question of the week.

Yesterday I met the lovely and talented Mark Baumann – The Great British Master Chef, Author, Food Critic & Consultant – he also owns Baumanns Brasserie and runs cookery classes but most importantly he is a very friendly and down-to-earth lovely guy.

I will write all about meeting this lovely man later on and even bring a new competition your way!!

However, todays question:

If you could ask a celeb chef for one cooking tip what would it be?

Mark has kindly agreed to answer your questions for you.

Please leave your questions below.

7 thoughts on “Question of the Week? Cooking tips answered by the Great British Master Chef

  1. Liz –

    6 isnt enough! Apart from the staples -flour, sugar, salt, eggs, pasta, tinned tomatoes etc. YOU NEED olive oil, garlic, seasonings, fresh herbs, fruit and CHOCOLATE!

  2. Mymummycancook – Maxine:

    quick and easy recipe for toddlers and parents – depending on the definition of quick: how about a cottage or shepherds pie which can be prepared in two stages – the meat can be cooked slowly in a slow cooker whilst mum or dad are out at work. Slow cookers are wonderful for big flavours. Mum can add a drop or two of red wine for hers when cooked and leave it out for the toddlers! As kids in my house I made lots of shepherds pies filled with the kids favourite – baked beans! Also meant that I could get some peas and mushrooms into them without them knowing. I think that macaroni cheese with spinach is a sensational dish for parents and toddlers and wonderfully nutritious. try using a stringy melting cheese like gouda or emmentale for an added twist. I also used to make loads of fish cakes that we would eat together – especially salmon which is now so cheap – particularly if you use the end pieces. Tastes really good with tomato ketchup!

  3. Mark has emailed me his answers to your questions!

    Gravy – three ways – first is a bit complicated, and means making a demi glace – so we will get away from that! But simply, remember to never waste the flavour from any of the meats you cook – lamb, chicken, pork all ooze pan juices and its those juices that we need to embrace!.

    Either way, once your meat or joint is cooked, take it out of the roasting pot and strain some of the fat from the residual juices. Next add some alcohol – wine (red for beef, white for chicken or even cider for pork) and allow to reduce. I often add the smallest amount of caster sugar and some garden thyme, rosemary or sage for a flavour boost. The liquid will automatically thicken, so season with salt and pepper and if you fancy it whisk in some unsalted butter!

    The other way is to reduce the wine with the juices and a little stock and thicken with a beurre manie (which is equal quantities of butter and flour mixed together) and which is posher than plain old flour!

  4. I would like to ask:
    If you were to recommend 6 food items to always have in the kitchen, what would they be? (For a family consisting of 2 adults and a fussy eating toddler!!) x

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