Questions to Ask Before Shopping for Your Next Family Vehicle

So, you’ve made up your mind and decided it’s high time to buy a vehicle for you and your family. But before you head out to the dealership, you need to ask yourself important questions to help you make an educated decision. The last thing you need is to have buyer’s remorse because you haven’t thoroughly considered what you want and don’t want in a car.

For most people, a car is typically one of the biggest investments they’ve ever made, probably next to a house. And the prospect of buying a new home is as equally as exciting as buying a new car. That’s why it’s easy for many folks to get emotionally invested and caught up in the vehicle purchasing process.

These shrewd car salespeople are aware of this fact, and many of them won’t think twice about taking advantage of this opportunity just to line their wallets. So, before you part ways with your hard-earned money, take a step back and check out these questions listed by the good folks from Alpha Car Finance.

1. How’s my budget looking? Before you start looking for a family car, make sure you know how much you can afford to spend, not just on the vehicle itself, but also for other costs of owning a car, like monthly payments, petrol, car insurance, preventive maintenance, car repairs, among others.

If you don’t have a huge budget and can’t afford to buy the car outright, you may need to look for car financing. Also, you need to check your credit history and see if you have any defaults as this may affect your chances of securing a car loan.

2. Should I buy a new or used car? Buying a new set of wheels can give you peace of mind because it comes with a factory warranty, and you’ll be the first owner. However, new cars are pricier, and it depreciates a lot quicker over the first few years of owning it.

On the other hand, you can buy a used vehicle with some miles on it, and the previous owner will carry the burden of the car’s initial depreciation. You can also save a few thousand dollars on a used vehicle. However, you don’t know the history of the car and might end up spending more on vehicle repairs and parts.

3. How many passengers would typically ride your family car? You should consider how many children and other family members you are going to drive around on a regular basis. You might not need a bigger car for now, but your driving situation may change as your family grows over time.

4. Does it have enough space? While a sedan may be enough if you have one or two kids in tow, you must also consider the storage space of your vehicle. If you love taking family vacations, you’re going to need more room for luggage, camping gear, your family pet, whatever you might need to bring with you when you go on a road trip.

5. What’s the resale value going to be in a few years? If you plan to sell your car in the future, you need to consider the resale value of the vehicle you’re going to buy. If you think the car you have in mind will lose its value after a few years or so, then skip that one and look for another vehicle.

So, before you hurry over to the nearest dealership, take your time. Do some research and consider answering some of these questions before you commit to buying a family car.

Over to you? What other things did you ask yourself before you bought a vehicle for your family? What else did you consider? We’d love to know! Please share them with us by leaving a comment.

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