Quick and Easy no Spend Roald Dahl Costumes

Quick and Easy no Spend Roald Dahl Costumes

You know your children are officially back to school when in the first week back you are handed a letter with another occasion for a dressing up day.

The lists are endless of these dressing up days and with us parents having only just purchased a huge list of clothing, shoes and stationery for the new school year, we don’t all want to head out to buy dressing up outfits which will be worn for one day only. Here I share some quick and easy no spend Roald Dahl costume ideas.

I am glad that my kids have costumes that fit them in their dressing wardrobe to wear on this occasion, but I know we aren’t always as lucky.

This year Harry is going as Fantastic Mr Fox – wearing Emmy’s costume from last year, and Emmy is going as a Witch from, of course, The Witches. She will be wearing a Witches outfit worn last Halloween, teamed with a Witches hat and long black gloves.

If you are still searching for a costume for Roald Dahl Day, this is to celebrate the much loved authors birthday on 13th September (this year he would have been 102), then here are some outfit you can quickly and easily throw together at home without having to buy expensive costumes.

Most of the things your children probably already have in their wardrobes, and the rest can be made quickly in less than half an hour with a little creativity, paper and glue.

The Enormous Crocodile Mask

This is something I made for Harry recently, it took me less than half an hour and he wore it most of the day.

What I used:

  • Thin card, if you use green you will save yourself even more time
  • Black sharpie/pen
  • White paper
  • Scissors

How to make:

  • Fold a piece of A4 card in half and draw half a crocodile shape on one side – you can get plenty of free printouts online if you aren’t that great at drawing freehand. Also add sharp teeth to your design.
  • Keep folded and cut out so you now have a whole face shape
  • Colour in or paint the card if using any other colour than green
  • Cut out two eyes
  • Using a black pen draw face detailing – nostrils, eyebrows etc.
  • Stick white paper over the teeth and trim the paper to fit
  • Using more card, cut two thin strips and add to the back of the mask to make into a headband. Tape securely together.

Team this outfit with green trousers/leggings and a green top for a full crocodile outfit.

Crocodile Mask for Roald Dahl Day

Other Bloggers have shared their no spend costume ideas in a bid to help save you splashing the cash.

Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie’s costume is really easy to make using things you have already at home.

Clothes – Jeans and Jumper. The older, messier and tattier the better so if your child has outgrown their jeans they can wear as ankle swingers, rip a little to make seem really worn but if you only have new ones that really isn’t a problem at all and will look just as good.

You can make up a golden ticket using card, paint and a black pen.

Save the wrapper from a big bar of chocolate and wrap around some card, or make up a fake bar of chocolate to carry and you are set to go.

Charlie costume for Roald Dahl Day
Photo Credit: www.whererootsandwingsentwine.com

George from George’s Marvellous Medicine

This really is a simple one to make at home.

All you need are Jeans and a red T-Shirt. Team this with a saucepan, wooden spoon and a bottle of medicine. Of course DO NOT send your child to school with real medicine but you could use a water bottle decorated, or make your own medicine jar if you are feeling very creative.

How great does Nikki’s son look in his George outfit

George's Marvelous Medicine outfit Roald Dahl Day
Photo Credit: www.glamandgeekymum.com

Harry Wormwood & Bruce Bogtrotter

This one is my favourite for just how simple and brilliant it is.

You’ll need shirts for both outfits.

A pair of shorts for Bruce but if cold trousers will be fine.

Trousers for Harry along with a hat and a tie and a face painted beard/moustache (eyeliner will also do)

Make a parcel for Harry using a shoebox or small box covered in brown paper and tied with string, add the wording “Car Parts” or similar.

For Bruce, use brown face paint to make his messy chocolate face and carry in a cake (of course for school taking a cake isn’t practical so why not leave the cake at home and eat yourselves and take in the empty box)

Harry Wormword and Bruce Bogtrotter costumes Roald Dahl Day
Photo Credit: www.toaufinityandbeyond.com

Roly Poly Bird from The Enormous Crocodile

I absolutely love this one shared by Laura from www.mummyszone.com. It requires a little more effort but looks amazing.

This one requires:

  • Card
  • Elastic
  • Feathers
  • Crepe paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Roly Poly Bird costume Roald Dahl
Cut out a mask shape with beak from card. Cut out the eye shapes and decorate with feathers. Attach elastic to the back to make it fit perfectly.

For the wings – cut out large wing shapes, attach elastic to the back to make them wearable. Add crepe paper to the bottom and cover the top in coloured feathers.

Team with blue clothing to complete the outfit.

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Hopefully this will have given you all some lovely no spend costume ideas for Roald Dahl Day – if they’ve inspired you I’d love you to share them with me over on social media – you’ll find me over on Facebook and Twitter.

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