Quinny Yezz meets snow

Last night on Emmy’s 2nd Birthday at around 7pm it started snowing.  We were all very keen to play out in it, actually Daddy propably more so as he even ventured out that night to “walk the dog” which I’m sure meant play with snowballs.

Emmy was poorly overnight with a temp of 40.1 but this didn’t stop her wanting to play. 

We had a good 3-4 inches of snow so carried Emmy to the fields to make some snowmen which she loved

However as a QuinnyCaster I was very keen to see how the Yezz performed in the snow.  You can see more of our journey with the Yezz on our QuinnyCasters page.

I waited for the snow to have been trodden in on our front path and the street outside my house then got Emmy ready for a short buggy ride; we hadn’t planned to go far as I am aware that the Yezz isn’t equiped for snow (I was just curious) with its scooter wheels – we were just crossing the path to fresh snow for a new Snowman.

This is how far I made it with the Yezz:

As you can see we didn’t even get as far as I thought we might do.

The wheels pushed the snow forward compacting it and then we came to a complete halt, well and truely stuck.

Luckily we don’t get snow very often in England as the Yezz does not like it one bit.

2 thoughts on “Quinny Yezz meets snow

  1. I am reading this with my son who is 2 and a half who said "oh no the baby is going to get stuck in the snow!"

    I don't think there are many ordinary buggies that like snow! As you say, we're fortunate we only get a day or two a year.

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