Quinny Yezz meets London

On Saturday I was invited to meet with the British Chiropractic Association just off of Covent Garden for a Bloggers event so teamed with Paul, Emmy and the Yezz we headed for the station.

Now the Yezz is designed for London transport so is supposed to be ideal for the trains and buses, so this was an ideal chance to test this out.

Excuse the bad pics – I was in lots of pain due to a car crash injury but wanted to show what it looks like on my back as I’m only 5ft 2. Hubby took over the carrying after the pic was taken.
It folds down to a very small size and can be carried on your back allowing you 2 hands free for bags and children and is lightweight too at only 5kg.
I didn’t manage to get any pictures on the train as Emmy needed looking after.  I started off by standing it upright by the doors but it kept falling over whenever the train stopped so I popped it under my legs on the train and didn’t take up any space at all.
It was easy to take up the stairs and escalators and faired really well with what London had to through at it, it wasn’t great on the cobbled stones in Covent Garden but that was to be expected and I even ended up giving an impromtu demonstation of how easy and small it folds away while at the event.
I think the highlight was when we went to dinner with Paul’s brother after the event and after visiting Build-a-Bear, the resturant was packed and they wanted us to leave the buggy by the door – I ignored them, wheeled it to the table, folded down and it fitted under my chair easily.

I added a Buggy Buddy Clip to the buggy for this trip so I could hang Emmy’s bag from it which worked well.

If your planning lots of train journies or bus travel this buggy would suit you well.

One thought on “Quinny Yezz meets London

  1. Would like to thank you for the very precise description and suggestion regarding Yezz. I'm an Italian mummy, I've got 2 little boys, one is almost 5 years old and the other almost 3 years old. I'd like to buy this item because I've got a little space in my car, and think it'll be easy to put it into that and also light for my "always paining back"…:) Thank you again! Roberta – Italia

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