Quinny Yezz – On the Buses

Quinny Yezz has been designed to make the use of public transport
easy and more enjoyable. It’s lightweight frame of just 5kg means
that once folded it can be worn on your back using the shoulder

this buggy is simple, albeit a little stiff, just depress the button
hidden away within the handle and lift the bottom section of the
frame towards you with your foot.

took the Yezz on a short bus journey. We rarely take the Bus however
wanted to try it out. Folding the buggy carrying Emmy was slightly
difficult if I’m honest as she is now 2 stones and 2 years old also
being pregnant it became a balancing act not to topple however it is
achievable and if your child is lighter you will find it much easier
than I do.

the Yezz is so small getting onto the Bus while carrying Emmy on one
hip and the buggy on my back wasn’t a problem and finding somewhere
to place the buggy was easy too as it fitted on the floor under our
feet – a bonus if your Buses have the 2 buggies only ruling like

off the bus was as easy as getting onto it – buggy over the
shoulder, holding Emmy’s hand down the steps the a quick unfold and
she is back in.

you use public transport regularly and worry about getting on and off
with easy – then this buggy is for you.

is a short video showing how easy it is to fold:

We have also taken the Yezz on the train and you can read all about it

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