QuinnyCaster 2011

“Shhhhhh, be quiet, don’t tell anyone”
Task 1 complete!
Back in June, Quinny made an announcement on it’s FB page asking for new QuinnyCasters to put the new Senzz through it’s paces, we were looking for a new lightweight buggy at the time so i thought I’d give it a go. We were asked to send them a recent review we had written, then sit back and wait, and wait, and wait.
The announcements of the chosen 20 (yes only 20) was to be made on 7th July and the chosen few would be contacted via email before then. Well as July arrived i was convinced i hadn’t been chosen this time (I was determined to try again) so imagine my surprise when on the 6th July i received an email saying “Congratulations Clare”. I jumped for joy and wanted to tell the world, however challenge 1 was to keep quiet, well those of you who know me know just how hard this is for me!! 
I woke up on the 7th July still buzzing with excitement, logged on to the Quinny UK facebook page to check for the big announcement, nothing, i did check my email again to make sure i wasn’t dreaming, then it came the announcement at midday and i can now shout from the rooftops
Hi, I’m Clare, Emmy’s Mummy and I’m a QuinnyCaster 2011” – Phew, that’s better.
Emmy and I are ready to put the beautiful new Quinny Senzz through its paces and are ready with our ‘L’ plates for a test drive.
Thanks Quinny (P.s. I love the Black one!)

3 thoughts on “QuinnyCaster 2011

  1. so pleased I have read this, when you told me in London you were a QuinnyCaster, I knew it must be something to do with Quinny, just didn't want to seem stupid and admit I didn't know what one was, now I do and I look forward to your reviews in the future x

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