QuinnyCasting comes to an end

Well after the very long wait, finally getting the Quinny Yezz in December and having played with it for a good few months and told you all our thoughts our time as a QuinnyCaster is now over.

We recieved the following email this week:

Dear QuinnyCaster,

Quinny would like to take this opportunity to say thanks very much for all your hard work on the QuinnyCasters project for the Moodd and the Yezz.

We really enjoyed the fruits of your missions and hope you’ve enjoyed participating.

This QuinnyCasters project has come to an end – so ‘at ease’ QuinnyCasters, enjoy your products and we wish you all the best.

Quinny would be thrilled if you kept in touch and updated with how you are getting along with the products and how the family is doing.

So see you on the Quinny pages and keep your eye out for more exciting adventures from Quinny.

If you have missed any of our post on the Quinny Yezz you can find them all together on our QuinnyCaster 2011/2012 page.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to sign off without giving some final thoughts and a wear and tear report!!

Wear and Tear: After 4 and a half months of use –

  • The Quinny lettering at the bottom of the buggy below the footrest has started to come away and is missing a few letters now where Emmy’s feet rub on it.
  • The button on the top to fold the buggy is showing signs of use, wear and is scratched.
  • There are quite a few deep scratched on the underside of the frame where it is so close to the kerb it catches and scraps the floor.
  • The wheels are still intact and so no real signs of wear.
  • The seat unit expect for the lettering and looks like new.
  • It now squeaks and creaks quite a bit due to use and wear.
  • It is now very easy to fold, as opposed to when we first received it when it was quite stiff.

Final thoughts:

Emmy’s Daddy really loves this buggy – he says it’s lightweight, easy to push and funky.

I am a little more reserved on this pushchair as I like to think of Emmy’s comfort above how easy it is to push and how small it folds, these aren’t qualities I look for in a pushchair.

While it is small, lightweight and easy to fold and manoeuvre; it is also very bumpy to push on any surface which isn’t completely flat making for a rather uncomfortable ride if used as an everyday pushchair.

I also found the handle too tall to push it comfortably as I am only 5″ 2 and it can not be adjusted.

It does not like grass, potholes, wet leaves and the seat is on the smaller side for a toddler.  Most pushchairs will last a child until they are 3.5 years is needed however this is not one of those. 

However it is perfect for keeping in the car and nipping around the shopping centre in, on the bus and on the trains too.

We would like to thank Quinny for choosing us as QuinnyCasters and for listening to our thoughts – Good and Bad on the Quinny Yezz, we have enjoyed it!

One thought on “QuinnyCasting comes to an end

  1. Really enjoyed reading your comments! Great to see how it has stood up to real life! Considering how flimsy I thought it loked originally it seems to have done really well!

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