Racing around with a Didicar #Review

Emmy was very kindly sent a Didicar to review recently and I for one was really excited about this.

I’ve seen them in action and have even played on them at work as the children used to have one.

They are amazing fun and I knew Emmy would love this.

When it arrived I waited for Emmy to be in bed before unboxing as I know how impatient she is and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to set it up.


It was actually easier than I thought it would be to set up.  It came in 5 parts plus a tightening tool.  First you need to pop the back wheels into place, once done you use force to bang them into place – do this on carpet and bang down on the back of the car until the wheels are clicked into place.

Next is the front wheels, for this you remove the foam from the pole and place the metal pole up through the shaft, when through the first part put the foam back on and then continue to slide through and out of the top.  The steering wheel then goes on to this pole.  You use the tightening tool to turn the nut as tight as you can and tighten even more by putting a screw driver through the holes in the tool and turning as hard as you can.  The red plastic button is then popped over the top and you are ready to go.  I would say it took me about 20 minutes to put together.

Having had ride on toys since an early age Emmy has struggled to grasp the concept of keeping her feet up and propelling herself along by turning the wheel only, she keeps putting her feet down and using them to move forwards.

This is fine but obviously not how it is supposed to be used.

We have tried this out with a few of her friends and the older one are able to do it easily so I’m sure once she practices a bit she will find it easy.  Also it is easier to use on our kitchen tiled flooring than it is outside or on carpets.

To make this car work you put your feet up on the front (the black section has feet shapes on them), you then turn the steering wheel from left to right which propels you forwards – the faster you turn the faster you go.


The best features of this are no batteries, motors or pedals – it is always ready to use, just add children – or adults and your ready to go!

These can handle a rider up to 120kg and are great for not only having a great time but for help improve balance, co-ordination and help to keep children healthy and keeps them away from the TV (always a bonus).

Priced at £49.95 these can be used from 3 years upwards.

These are great fun for all the family, Emmy enjoys it although can’t work it properly yet and even Paul and I have fun whizzing around this kitchen on it.  Harry also sits on it in front of me and tries to steer.

You can see all the available colours and find out more about this on the website and you can also follow on Facebook and Twitter

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