Rainbow Awards for Toy Excellence

I hate to say this but Christmas isn’t too far away now – we are now in October so hands up who has started buying yet?  I have – I think I have Emmy’s presents all sorted now however as I see new things i’m sure they will go on the MUST have list.
What are the Rainbow Awards? These are toys which have actually been tested by children (their opinions that really count!) Therefore you can rest assured that the Winners and Highly Commended are all really fabulous toys that kids will love, rather than ones the companies want to promote.
The winners were announced yesterday and her is a brief summary of the Winners – as picked by the child testers themselves!
Award Category – Soft Toy:
Oobicoo by Totseat £34.99 Aged 3 years +
Meet Orla and Ollie, the Oobicoo soft toy tots. Designed to wear out-grown baby clothes, these huggable friends encourage dexterity and pretend play. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, each Oobicoo arrives in its own fabric pod. Oobicoo is the perfect friend for a child who likes a hug.
Highly Commended in this Category was My Pal Scout by LeapFrog £19.99 – new and improved version.  Aged 6 months +
Award Category: Wooden Toy
High Tea Shape Set by Tildo by John Crane – £25.00, available from Amazon, Dillions Toy Box & Butterflies & Dragons  Aged 3 years +
Gloriously girly, this innovative shape matching set plays host to over ten mini wooden cupcakes, all hand painted in delicious looking colours. The cupcakes are differing sizes and shapes plus they each have a number painted on the base – meaning the High Tea Shape Matching set offers a wide variety of learning and matching skills. What’s more, it makes an ideal toy for pretend play tea parties too!
Highly Commended in this category was Circa by Eleventyone Ltd £39.99
Award Category – Games:
Rukus Funsize by Imagination Games £7.99 available from Play.com & The Game Shop.  Aged 8 years +
Players create a real Ruckus as they race to collect matching cards and hold onto them. Cards are placed on top of matching cards from opponent’s sets then the suit is shouted aloud to win the set. With all players matching, stealing and shouting as fast and loud as they can it’s anyone guess who will get to 77 points first and win the game!
Highly Commended in this Category was Leapster Explorer by LeapFrog £49.99  Aged 4 – 9 years
Award Category – Wheeled Toys
Fix and Learn Speedy by LeapFrog £19.99, aged 18+ months
Get into the fast lane with Fix and Learn Speedy, the learning car that comes complete with interactive tools and songs. By lifting Speedy’s bonnet, toddlers can twist and turn the different shapes and explore counting and alphabet songs designed to tune up their motor skills and fire up imaginations.
Highly Commended in this Category was Smart Trike 4in1 £149.99 Aged 6 – 24 months.
Award Category – Electronic Toy

Leap Pad Explorer by LeapFrog £79.99 Aged 4 – 9 years.
The innovative LeapPad Explorer is a multifunctional learning tablet built just for kids. Encompassing the next generation of learning, digital reading and personal creativity, LeapPad comes with a collection of innovative tools including a built in camera and video recorder that allows children to produce and share their unique creations.
Highly Commended in this category was Cars2 Leapster Explorer by LeapFrog £59.99 Aged 4 – 8 years.
Award Category – Puzzles
iball3 by HTI £19.99 Aged 8 – 80
iball3 is a clear ball with an electronic display within. Enabling six lights in a sequence to light up all the same colour with a certain time is the aim and there are two levels of play. Succeed and a code will allow access to interactive parts of the iball3 website.

Highly Commended in this Category was Memory by GoGo Toys by John Crane £29.99 aged 3 – adult

Award Category – Pre School Toy
Duplo Police Station by Lego Duplo £49.99 Aged 2-5.
The Duplo Police Station is the hero of the new Police range, with many elements to stimulate hours of play. The set has great authentic details; like a cell for the robber and an office for the constable to file all his reports. The set combines building and role play and will stimulate young imaginations.
Highly Commended in this Category was Leapster 2 by leapFrog £39.99 Aged 4 – 8 years
Award Category – Outdoor Toys
Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket by LeapFrog £19.99 Aged 6 months +.  This also won Overall Winner for the Rainbow Toy Awards
The Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket helps little learners explore shapes, colours, manners and much more, the robust and vibrant toy features over 30 audio responses, allowing children to share a picnic with their friends whilst feeding their imaginations with learning fun.
Highly Commended in this Category was Light up Star Wars Scooter by Ozzbozz £29.99 Aged 5 years +
Well after those I think I may have added a few more things to Emmy’s Christmas and Birthday lists now – just when I thought I had finished, i’m loving the picnic basket and the High Tea shape sorter amongst a few others.  Best not tell Paul.

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