Ravensburger My first memory game

Now Harry is a little older I have been trying to get him interested in proper games where you have to take turns and sit down to play. 
This isn’t something he has been very keen on previously as he is still young and is full of energy, and would much rather jump on the sofa, run around and cause havoc wherever possible.
Being in pre-school has taught him that you actually do have to calm down at times and sit still – this seemed a good time to try again with the Thomas the Tank Engine My First Memory Game he has been sent from Ravensburger.
He loves Thomas and happily helped to set this game up by pushing out the thick game cards from the packaging.
With the help of Emmy we laid the cards face down on the floor ready to play.
Explaining the rule to an almost 3 year old is rather tricky as he just wants to dive straight in – we decided it would be best to show him.
This is a game of pairs, you turn over 2 cards at a time and try to match the pictures.
There are 24 different pictured cards all with characters from Thomas the Tank Engine – this means there are 12 different matching pairs.
You can make this easier for younger players by only laying out 2/3 matching pairs, then once they are used to the game you can increase the difficulty.
Harry started off well however was more keen on turning then all over at the same time, snatching up the pieces and making sure no-one else had a turn.
Emmy tried playing with us too and I soon discovered she can NOT play a game without cheating, she would distract us and turn over many or just plainly cheat by turning over a couple until she found the pair.
This game is aged at children aged 2 1/2 upwards and helps to encourage:
  • Turn taking
  • Matching
  • Memory skills
  • Concentration
  • Counting
  • Colours
  • Recognition
We will continue to play this and build up his attention span and hopefully one day soon we can play without cheating, tantrums and throwing of the pieces – well I do live in hope that will happen!
If you don’t a Thomas fan, this game is also available in an In the Night Garden set instead.

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One thought on “Ravensburger My first memory game

  1. That's a game my two loved playing when they were smaller, so brings back toddler memories! 🙂 (They're now 8 and 12.)
    It was great for practising memory and recognition skills and kept them amused at the same time. 🙂

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