Readly: An online magazine subscription review

I used to love nothing more than sitting with my feet up reading a glossy magazine in my free time – whether that was at the weekends, before bed or while babysitting.  It was the gossip I loved, I liked to see which celebs were doing what and with who.

Nowadays, free time is something which is rather non existent so when I do actually get some it is such a luxury I like to sleep and I just don’t get the chance to pre-plan enough to buy a magazine to read.  It takes effort to go to the shops and then come home again and the few chances I do have to read such as on a train en-route to London usually see me arriving with enough time to park the car and jump on a train only, no chance to stop at the shop.
I was recently introduced to Readly which is an online magazine subscription which allows you to read your favourite magazines on your computer, phone, kindle or tablet either online or offline (by downloading the content) anywhere.
Readly has over 1600 top titles to read from Good House Keeping, Marie Claire, to Heat, Inside Soap, Top Gear, House & Home, Mollie Makes and even Practical Photoshop and so many more titles.  If there is a magazine you like to read if is highly likely you will find it available here including back issues too.

Screen shot from my tablet: A few of the magazines available –
you can browse via categories

I had the chance to try this out on my latest trip to London to attend the BML16 event, as usual I jumped on the train with minutes to spare and after arriving in London I had almost an hour and a half before Jaime’s train came in, of course I could have purchased a magazine but with over 1600 to choose from by using this app it was far a better option and of course meant no storing used magazines or binning them once I was finished.
It was refreshing to browse from so many and be able to read as many as I wanted, I would limit myself to two only if I purchase in the shop as they are rather expensive but this meant I could start reading any I wanted and if I didn’t like it could switch to reading another.  It is also far easier to read only the articles you want to and to skip the adverts completely by missing that page.

You can swipe the pages to read in order or use the bar at the
bottom to skip to certain pages, great for missing advert pages
Readly costs £7.99 a month and comes with no commitment meaning you can cancel at anytime you want to.
Having only downloaded this last weekend I have already read 8 magazines which is more than in the past year already and should I have purchased these would have cost far more than £7.99 so has already been worth the subscription price.

You are notified when new issues are available and have suggested reading
from your reading habits – a great way to find new magazines

You are also able to access this app via 5 separate devices using the one subscription which means that the whole family can enjoy their favourite magazine wherever and whenever they like.
If this sounds like something you would like to try then you can sign up for a FREE TRIAL so why not sign up and try it out for free and see how you get on with it.

I will be running a competition next week to WIN A 3 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION so keep watching.

Disclaimer:  I received a subscription to Readly in exchange for my honest thoughts. 

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