Recipes in Glass: That day I spent cooking with Cherry Healey

I’m not the best cook, that I will admit, but I do love it.  I’ve a whole shelf in my kitchen dedicated to cook books yet I seem to cook the same things all the time (I was more adventurous pre-kids when I had more time).  So when I received an invitation to a cookery class from Recipes in Glass I jumped at the chance.

Heading into London alone for me is always a treat, it’s about the only childfree time I get so I try to leave early to make the most of my time.  I jumped of the tube early to meet Jaime from The Oliver’s MadHouse before we headed to the event together.  Armed with Google maps on my phone we found the Cactus Kitchens very easily, this was our setting for the day and what a setting it was too – if only my kitchen were as big and as tidy!  It is also the venue where Saturday Kitchen is filmed.

We started the day with a breakfast and got to know a little about Friends of Glass.  Friends of Glass  is  an influential European  consumer  forum  that  supports  and promotes  the  right  of   consumers  to  be  able  to  choose  food  and  drink  products  in  glass  packaging. It  unites  all  those  who  believe  glass  is  the  clear  choice  for  their health,  their  families  and  for  the  environment. 
Now, I do own a few nice glasses and am currently loving the jar cocktails which as everywhere currently however I hadn’t thought much about cooking in glass and how it could change not only the look of food but how it tastes too!

We were given a demonstration of how to make a few dishes before being set loose on our own work stations to try for ourselves.  While we watched we sampled a delicious smoothie (my kids all time favourite) and an amazing Beetroot Hummus, this wasn’t something I had tried before but WOW – you really must it’s delicious – infact I’ve since made some at home and of course it is now stored in glass in my fridge for late night blogging hunger emergencies (they are very common).

During the event we got to make our own Autumn Trifle with Poached Pears as well as a Wild Mushroom, Spinach and Butternut Jar Pie – I can tell you that although the Jar Pie sounds a bit strange, it was the most tasty thing I’ve eaten in a long time and I’m so thrilled I was able to make it myself from scratch as it means I can make it again – and I will be very soon. 
Layering up our creations was almost as much fun as making them was, by using glass you can see your meal transform before your eyes and there is almost an art-form to it. 
It was almost a shame to eat our beautiful creations but they were so tasty – even is I couldn’t eat much of the Trifle as it was far too boozy for me (yes, I never thought that could happen either but apparently so!)
Thank you so much to Recipes in Glass for a wonderful event, I’ve now been inspired to use glass more often and to perhaps trust my children a little more and serve theirs in glass (sometimes) too.
If you are a culinary whizz or even if your not then you have the chance of winning weekly over on Facebook.  The ‘Recipes in Glass’ app is now live – you can find it here.  You are able to upload your favourite recipes which you’ve created or presented in glassware (think jam jars, martini glasses, desert dishes – let your imaginations run wild!)

The most popular recipe each week will win a £15 gift voucher for a UK supermarket of their choice & every month, we will choose our own favourite from every recipe submitted and the winner will receive a £50 voucher! 

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