Reclaiming a little freedom and time away from the kids

As I sit here on a Sunday evening and reflect back on this weekend I don’t feel stressed, tired or even worn out as I usually do by this point in the weekend.
There has been no shouting, screaming, cross words or arguments which is actually almost unheard of recently.
Everyone here has been a little wound up, it’s not been intentional but it has just manifested over time due to busy schedules all round, lack of sleep and all being a little too over tired to enjoy life as we should be. 
A few weekends ago Paul and I headed to Manchester so I could attend BlogOn, a blog conference.  Paul came with me as it was a long drive and so we could actually spend some time together without the children and to reconnect as a couple again. 

We have been together now for 15 years and married for 9 years yet since Emmy was born we have had very little time alone together.  Up until Harry was born when Emmy was 2 years and 9 months she hadn’t spent a night away from us, she stayed with Paul’s parents while I was in hospital having Harry and since then they’ve been with us all the time.  My lovely Mum had then both in March last year for a night while we went away overnight for our anniversary and when I go away for conferences Paul usually has then.

My parents stepped in again when we went up to Manchester by my Mum moving into my house for 2 days/nights to have the children.  It was lovely for them to spend some quality time with the kids and by all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves, the kids have certainly not stopped talking about their time with Nanny and Grandad and how much fun they had.

Trying to keep up with spending some time together as a couple we arranged for Paul’s Dad to babysit the children on Friday and to have them at his overnight.  I took them over around 4.30 and after going through bedtime routines and explaining about Harry’s eczema creams we left knowing they were in good hands.  With backup from his girlfriend we knew Grandad would be fine as would the children and headed off to the cinema for the evening.  Although the film we saw wasn’t great, infact neither of us enjoyed Green Room sadly it was nice to leave the house and not worry about being back at a certain time.  We had planned to go to dinner after but weren’t hungry when we came out so headed home, we sat up watching a movie, drinking and chatting until the very early hours – definitely not something you can do when your children don’t sleep through the night and wake at the crack of dawn.  We had a lie-in and vegged all morning watching TV and having some me time – I managed a very long soak in a HOT bath and dyed my hair too.

Emmy and Grandad, reclaiming freedom away from kids,

The children went fishing on Saturday morning with Grandad and then to McDonalds before being delivered home and we all played in the garden, before settling down for dinner and then to have a campout downstairs watching Eurovision, Harry fell sleep quickly so it was nice to cuddle up to Emmy chatting and watching together.

Today, Emmy went off to the cinema with my best friend and her children while we took Harry to the driving range for a few swings of his club – he had a practice few shots in the field last week and was very keen to play ‘proper golf’ so this was good enough for him.  He had a fantastic time swinging his club like a big boy and it was really nice to spend some time alone with just him as although I spend alone time with him in the week he doesn’t spend time with just Mummy and Daddy.  (click to watch his video)

This afternoon we all played in the garden very happily on the swings and the trampoline, we made a boat, a house and a car and had a family BBQ.

The children were happy and enjoyed each others company more for having some time apart this morning which meant no fighting and we were all relaxed for having a little time to ourselves.

We are hoping to make this a regular thing of perhaps once a month.

As much as I love being a parent I do miss ‘me time’ and I can now see it is actually very beneficial for all of us to reclaim some of that every now and again.

Do you have time away from the kids? How do you still make time to be a couple or just for yourself?

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13 thoughts on “Reclaiming a little freedom and time away from the kids

  1. Ahh so lovely to see you at BlogOn, really glad I made it. I was going to say how important it is to get time as a couple but we never do. Away with the inlaws next week though so hoping to get a little then, not sure what we'll talk about LOL!! x

  2. Sound like you had a lovely time and the kids look like they did too! We try to have a night out every couple of months but we don't have Grandparent support so find it difficult x

  3. I'm very lucky that I get two childfree evenings during the week and every other weekend as the children go to their dad's house. It means I get lots of time to myself and with the Mr. I think every parent should get some 'me' or couple time as it is so refreshing! x

  4. It sounds to me like you are turning that parenting corner where things actually become easier. My brother always called age 2 – 8 the golden years. Enjoy them they really are great and well done Grandad coming to help so you could both go to Manchester together. Time alone is so important for you as a couple and with the each of the children.

  5. We have only ever had about two nights and one over night without the boys in 10 years! We are having our next date night in June to See Guy Garvey and my bestie is having the boys. Now they are at school we do sometimes manage to have a lunch date

  6. Doesn't it make all the difference to get a little time and space to yourself one in a while? I've just written a post on this very subject too! I'm glad that you got some chill out time, and that you got to Blog On – it was great to finally meet you!

  7. It's so important to have me time, and couple time – especially when you have young kids. It can all so easily become about them, and not you as a couple any more. Sounds like you and the children had a great time! It's a teen free weekend for us this weekend 😀 The sound of silence!!

  8. I think this time away is crucial, both as a way of keeping your "couplehood" intact, but also as a way to recharge the batteries. We are very fortunate to have two grammies that let us have that time every once in a while #magicmoments

  9. Lovely post and great advice. We try and have some time along together at least once a year – My husband coming to BlogCamp in Birmingham this weekend and will lurk in the city while I attend but like you say the drive up (and hotel *winks*) is a treat with no kids around. We are leaving big brother (age 20) in charge overnight. Pizza all round then!

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