Reflecting back over Cybher – what I’ve learnt

On Saturday I attended my very first blogging conference Cybher.

I don’t mind admitting that I was nervous, never having attended anything like this before I really didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been experiencing panic attacks for a while now so this didn’t help with the nerves however I managed to overcome my anxieties and had an amazing day and would highly recommend Cybher to anyone for next year!

I had arranged to meet up with the lovely Rachel (Confessions of a SAHM) at Waterloo station and walk across to the venue with her and her lovely baby, after a scenic detour thanks to Google maps we arrived in time for a quick and much needed cuppa, grabbed a gorgeous neon yellow Leather Satchel and then headed into a welcome with Sian To.

I met up with a few friends, chatted and planned our day.

The first session I attended was “Ditch the Fugly

From this I learned I need to keep all my online accounts all tied seamlessly together – this I really need to work on as social media plays a huge part of this blog and looking at all those accounts none of them actually all tie together well.  All have the same name “Emmy’s Mummy” however that isn’t tied together with the same images throughout.  I now plan to find a logo which will work across all social media platforms and to use on all of those accounts.

We learnt how to make those social media platforms work for our blogs and how to work them to our advantage in gaining a steady stream of followers. 

Another useful thing I brought away from this session was to explore ALL social media platforms and even if we don’t plan on using them (either now or in the future) to go and secure our desired platform name and gain for ourselves before someone else squats on it – good advice!

Parting quote “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken”

Session 2 I planned to attend was cancelled so I ventured downstairs for another cuppa (it had been an early start), I was then treated to a lovely make-over before heading over to chat and eye up the lovely Home Barn displays and fall in love with some of their unique items.

A little more socialising with fellow bloggers and finally putting faces to names and meeting friends I have chatted with for years face to face for the first time, we were then treated to a lovely lunch before the sessions started again.

Next up was “Sh*t you didn’t know that will make your blog better” by Sian To and Claire Archbold.  This was supposed to be for beginners however I decided that I really don’t know all that much and have either self taught myself or make it up as I’ve gone alone. 

I actually learnt a lot from this session and have a lot of blog tiding to do, starting with:

  • Fixing all broken links (I know I’ve lots I just never find time to do it)
  • De-cluttering my sidebar
  • Moving anything I want to keep such as awards and blog roll onto pages instead of keeping in the side bar

I also want to redo my “about me” page and update it and to add a few more share buttons into the blog posts instead of just in the side page, and I need to add more social media buttons onto my side bar as I’m missing G+ and pinterest.

They also taught us a few simple SEO tips (some of which I had already picked up, and others were new to me).

  • Decide on your keyword
    Use it in the title and in the 1st paragraph or sentence
  • Rename all images
  • Use Alt tags and descriptions for photos

Next up was the funniest session ever with Adam Pacitti – Going Viral.

If you haven’t heard of Adam before I highly suggest you watch his youtube video campaign – he made a video CV in aid of finding a Job and not surprisingly as it’s rather funny it went viral.

His suggestions for helping to keep posts readable, interesting and drawing in the readers were:

  • Keep topical – keep up to date with current affairs and forward plan key events
  • Emotive – promote response
  • Narrative – tell a story
  • Incentive – give people a reason to share your content
  • Production – keep videos around 3/4 minutes long and blog posts around 300/400 words (I know I’ve over hit that today however I am sharing what I’ve learnt with you – especially for those who weren’t there)
  • Interact – pose a question (I’ve done that in yesterday’s post – Knowing me, knowing you? – have you answered my questions yet?)
  • Delivery – advanced planning – use platforms to promote interest

Next up was a G+ session with Maggy Woodley (Red Ted Art)

This is something I’m struggling with, a new social media platform which is to me a little confusing and a little baffling at the moment and I need to dedicate some time each week to figuring in all out – I’m actually going to leave this out of my write up for now as It’s that confusing to me that I want to figure it our first, then I will post at a later date.

Lastly was How to make your blog pay – I think I had information over load by this time as I’m lacking notes on this except on learning who your audience is, getting to know them and there was talk of affiliate links and schemes – I think I will be following other blogs to figure out what I missed in this session – with a throbbing headache not much went in sadly.

After the final farewell I snuck away for a Pizza with a few friends before returning for cocktails in the bar.  Cocktails led to wine – lots of wine, laughing and lots of giggling and a great day ended in a fuzzy blur – thanks to my drinking buddies Jo, Emma &Ella,

2 thoughts on “Reflecting back over Cybher – what I’ve learnt

  1. Awesome round-up: sounds like you learned some great stuff. And I have to say that you are doing better than some in social media: just shared this on twitter and your blog name, post title and link came up automatically- that's a big help as some of the stuff I share has none of this and people reading it assume I wrote it!

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