Relaxing with a good book

Before the children were born I would spend all my free time reading a book, I would always have one in my handbag ready for a spare 5 minutes. I would read at work while the kids I Nannied for had a nap and instead of watching TV in the evenings I would read.

I miss those days, and while I do have some free time I very rarely turn to a book to amuse myself as I’m either tidying up after the kids, washing up, getting their school clothes ready or catching up on blog work. Once that is all done I’m too tired to pick up a book so I turn to the TV for entertainment.

With the holiday season approaching I am determined to ensure I factor in time to relax, camping with the family is the perfect time as I’ll have no Wi-Fi, laptop and of course no TV. I’ve started adding a few books to my kindle ready for our holiday but I do much prefer to read paper copies so will grab a few to add to my luggage. My favourite authors are Lee Child and James Patterson – these were the books I used to always carry around with me, and as I’ve not read a whole book for so long I have a lot to catch up on.

Travel Republic have created a beach book club to help inspire your next holiday read, I will be checking it out to see what they have on their recommended list this holiday season, and of course being out of the reading loop there are so many great books around – I asked a few friends what they reach for when on holiday.

Sophia likes to read “Becoming by Laura Jane Williams, or Ice Cream for Breakfast, also by Laura Jane Williams. Becoming is an honest and candid book absolutely women, sexuality, discovering yourself, all whilst being beautifully written, more like sitting down with your best friend for a chat! Ice Cream for Breakfast is her second book and is all about letting your inner child out, letting go of negativity and learning to live more freely. Both absolutely wonderful books that make perfect holiday reads!”

Jenna says she knows hers is a popular choice but she loves it just the same “The Girl on The Train!! I took it on holiday and read it all in 2 days – my husband (who never reads) also took to it and finished it within 4 days. I was gutted when the film came out as the book was so much better!” – I do actually agree, this was a book I managed to read and was excited to see the film but as always it didn’t live up to the hype and the book was far better.

Jen says: “I love a good crime thriller on holiday. A Micheal Connelly book from the Harry Bosch series such as Echo Park is a perfect easy read for travelling. They are intriguing enough to hold your attention and let you have a nice long binge read but also easy enough to pick up on again if you have to put it down partway through. I really enjoy the way that Connelly crafts his characters they’re really relatable yet have an air of mystery about them too.”

Laura enjoys reading “The beach house by Jane Green. It’s set over the summer and centres around a beach house. I love that the main character isn’t your average 20 something heroine, instead you have a feisty, free spirited sixty year old widow who, over the course of the summer months, learns so much about herself, friendship and love. It’s the perfect summer read!”

Jo says “My go to holiday read is always anything I’ve not read by Danielle Steel! She transports me deep into a another world! My fav so far is Five Days In Paris”

Lastly, Becky states: “This must be the place by Maggie O’Farrell is a perfect holiday read. It is all about life and love, I won’t give anything away but it manages to cover so many parts of life such as bereavement and parenting that you will empathise with the characters. It’s also very well written with great descriptions of the locations.”

It seems that there really is a mix of favourite holiday reads – do you have a favourite which you like to re-read or do you take a new one with you?

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