Reliving a childhood want with Mr Frosty

As a child I had seen the advert on TV so many times, I did the annoying “BUT please Mummy can I have?”  “I want” and “it’s not fair”….I may have even stamped my feet in the process I’m afraid to say.  All this over a toy but my parents didn’t back down – most likely due to my behaviour I have to say but back then I wasn’t happy about it.
It seemed all my friends had one, the TV constantly showed it and I just wanted it.  What was it? A Mr Frosty of course.  There was something magical about making your own slushy’s at home, turning boring ice into something far more special and alluring.  Being a child of the 80’s (well I was officially born in 79 but only a few weeks before the turn of the new year) this was one of the iconic toys of that time.
Now I am a parent myself it is a great excuse to introduce the children to toys which were around when I was growing up and the classic Mr Frosty has had a fresh revival for 2016 and the kids have loved getting their hands on it to have a play (and of course I have too!).
The Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker still has the same classic design and the functions are still the same as the older version only it has been make so the handle is easier to turn, which is great for little hands as they can do this unaided – well almost, we found the ice did keep getting stuck so they needed me to giggle it around a bit to unstick before they carried on – the older version needed a lot more adult help and was a lot tougher for children to do on their own sadly.
To make the crushed ice you begin by getting some ice out of the freezer and leaving it sitting in a bowl on the side for arund 10-15 minutes (less in a heatwave or you will just be left with a bowl of water), this ensures the ice melts a little and makes it easier to turn the handle.
The ice goes into the top of the snowman (lift up his hat) and then place the hat back on – the hat won’t sit back in place as the ice now fills this gap but keep a little pressure on the hat and turn the handle, the ice is then grated by the turning grater and falls down to be collected in the drawer in the snowman’s tummy.
It took Emmy around 4 minutes to crush her ice (12 ice cubes) but I did keep having to take off the hat and give it a little shake as the ice kept getting stuck).
Harry’s favourite part was adding the ice cubes into the top as he liked the feel of them in his hands, he needed a little help turning the handle as he couldn’t turn it and keep pressure on the hat at the same time.
This set costs ÂŁ19.99 and comes complete with not only the Mr Frosty machine but 2 ice cube trays, 3 lolly moulds and a cute penguin shaped juice/cordial dispenser for adding flavour to your crushed ice.  The old version of this Mr Frosty came with a sugary syrup to add the flavouring and while appealing to children if certainly wasn’t to parents, this has now been removed and you can add your favourite cordial or juice over the crushed ice instead which is far better than the over sugary syrup and better for our children’s teeth.
Emmy’s verdict:
“I love this toy because it is fun I can make my own cold ice drinks to eat.  I like adding the flavour by pouring it from the penguin and I like turning the handle.
I don’t like waiting for the ice to be ready so I can have another one”
Harry’s verdict:
“I want more ice Mummy….More, now, please”  – I think that mean he likes it too.
Mr Frosty is made by Flair and is available from Smyths and The Entertainer, find out more about the Flair’s range of creative products for children here:

Dsclaimer:  We received this item in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own and the children’s.

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5 thoughts on “Reliving a childhood want with Mr Frosty

  1. Oh wow, I remember these!! I did have one and the one thing that sticks in my mind is how sticky the syrup was, I think we gave up playing with it in the end because my mum was fed up with cleaning the stickiness up! Glad to hear your kids enjoyed playing with it 🙂 #triedtested

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