Remembering the baby days with my Milkie Monsters + Pumpables #Giveaway

Win a Milk Genie Breast Pump

When I was pregnant with Emmy I spent ages getting her Nursery ready, picking out her Moses Basket, bedding, clothes and even longer researching which Pram I was to get.

Shopping was done in advance and she had a wardrobe full of clothes to come home to. She had months worth of nappies awaiting her – maybe I should have considered just how big my bump was by the end and realised just then that the new-born nappies wouldn’t last long, hindsight would have saved me money as there were packs and packs I ended up giving away as she was born weighing 8lbs 13oz and not fitting into any of the new-born clothes I had purchased.

I didn’t have any bottles at home, nor a steriliser or breast pump – these things hadn’t registered on my radar, and it turns out that was fine for the beginning. Emmy surprised the hospital staff when she was born, on the recovery table (I had to have an emergency C-section and then a blood transfusion immediately afterwards) she was handed to me and they asked if I’d like to feed her. As a new Mum I had no idea how to latch her on but she was positioned ready and she just did her thing…..and she carried on, feeding solidly for over an hour. The nurses and midwives were amazed, she just fed and fed and this carried on throughout her baby days – although I did have to soon top up her feeds as she was always so hungry.

When Harry was born just under 3 years later I thought it would be as easy – of course I should have known better with Emmy being so easy to feed.

Harry took to the breast well to start but would scream and scream and scream from an early age. After weeks of frustrations, many doctors trips and lost sleep, many many tears from him and me; and me about to throw in the towel and admit failure as a Mum we had a break through when I recorded him and showed my Health Visitor. She immediately recognised and diagnosed Silent Reflux and got the doctors to prescribe the medications we needed, it was dismissed as Reflux by doctors originally as he was gaining weight and wasn’t sick but he was in so much pain.

I don’t clearly remember his first 4 months, them blurred into one long day of no sleep, depression which was left undiagnosed for me and nearly broke us all. I had to move into Emmy’s bedroom with Harry while she slept in my room with her Daddy as he would disturb everyone and she has pre-school and Paul had to work, we would be awake for hours at night doing the Reflux Rock. He would only sleep laying on my chest with me sitting bolt upright in bed – he would be in too much pain if I laid him down so we slept like this for 6 months with it finally easing when I began weaning him and around this time I discovered the Toddle Pod for him to sleep on and I finally had a full nights sleep on my own.

Due to the medication he was on I found carrying on with breast feeding almost impossible as I’d have to mix his medication with milk and syringe in before feeds – it was for this reason I pumped and bottle fed him and also alternated with his reflux milk.

Giveaway Time

Pumping wasn’t anything I had really given much thought about before I had to do it and it seemed a mine-field when I began looking around for which to buy, choosing between a hand pump and an electric pump etc.

For this reason, I have teamed up with Pumpables to bring you this latest giveaway – to help take that worry of searching around away from you. Pumpables offer the latest range of electric breast pumps to the market.

What the experts say:

Time is precious when you’re a mum and regardless of the reason you’re expressing, it takes considerable time to set up, pump, clean and store expressed breast milk, so to ensure you make the most any spare time you want to invest in a good pump that suits your needs. You can create and set your own pumping programs with the use of the memory button. By design unique combinations of the massage mode (designed to signal the body to have a let down by replicating a baby’s quick, light sucking) and the expression mode (which replicates the longer stronger deeper sucking a baby changes to once there has been a letdown) as well as setting the vacuum/speed for each you can ensure you get the most milk out in the shortest amount of time for you.”

Bel Moore, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Midwife, Babywearing Consultant and Registered Child and Family Health Nurse.

The features of the Milk Genie Plus include:

  • Perfectly Portable.
  • Super Silent.
  • Easily switch from single to double pumping using the inbuilt air ports. Being able to double pump (pump from both breasts at once) obviously saves you time, and it also is more effective at boosting milk supply due to the higher level of prolactin in your body.
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the same kind you find in smart phones, to give the maximum pumping time possible, a charge will give you 5 hours of use.
  • LCD screen so you can see at a glance your settings, remaining battery charge, and pump program.
  • Massage mode for easy letdown. The massage mode is light and fast and is perfect for triggering ‘letdown’ (the start of milk flow). This is a feature of the whole Genie range, and is designed to mimic the subtle signals your baby sends your body to initiate milk flow.
  • Intelligent memory – yes! the Milk Genie Plus allows you to easily store and replay your favourite pumping program, so you can chill out and let the pump do the work for you.
  • The Milk Genie Plus has variable cycle speeds. Unlike other pumps on the market, you can increase your cycle speed independently of your suction strength

If you would like to enter this giveaway to win a Milk Genie Plus worth £130 then please enter via the Gleam form below.

This giveaway will close at midnight on 21st July and is open to UK entries only.

Your entries details will be held by Pumpables and not by Emmy’s Mummy. Good Luck.

Emmy’s Mummy & Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Giveaway



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