Remenising about schools days

Did you know I used to be in all the dance production’s at school?
I loved dancing and it was great fun to do.  As well as keeping me fit it was a good excuse to get together with the girls and make up dance routines, dance around the house and listen to our favourite songs.  It also kept me in the warm when it was raining at break times and occasionally got me out of some lessons – what wasn’t to love?
I enjoyed being up on stage performing in front of everyone. 
That may sound strange from someone who was rather shy at school, someone who liked to keep themselves out of trouble and out of the public eye however being up on stage was different.  You couldn’t see the audience – you knew they were there however they were just shapes, dark shadows watching and waiting for you to entertain them and I loved it.
Progressing from there I joined the drama club and took part in many of the school productions.  I decided to join after watching a production put on while I was in year 8 (I think) of Jesus Christ Superstar put on by our school and being enthralled.  It was the first School drama production I had been to see – sitting in the audience with my friends I was riveted – Infact and maybe quite embarrassingly it was during that show I had my first school girl crush aged 14 on a boy 2 years above me – he had one of the main roles (don’t ask me which as I was too smitten at the time – so embarrassing now when I think back) and I remember asking my friend who he was.
3 weeks later he had managed to get my number off an ex of mine and we dated for over 2 years.
The following year I was in the School production myself, and even had a song to sing with another girl – we were playing Dorothy’s best friends in the Wizard of OZ (that’s the great thing about School productions, they can change the storyline to suit).  I loved it and acted in many more productions.
Dance and drama opened many doors for me at school and certainly boosted my confidence as beforehand there was no way I could have gotten up on stage in front of everyone to sing or dance and even entered the music shows singing with 2 friends in a talent style contest.
Emmy is becoming a proper drama queen – I wonder if she will enjoy it as I did when she is older?  I would love to take her to see the Jesus Christ Superstar area tour and she what she makes of it.
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  1. Did that song go something like "You don't need a man to be happy be, you don't need a man to get by. Listen, sister, you don't need a mister, just waiting around for some guy". I remember that one, it was very catchy! Xx

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