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Both my children love to get magazines from the newspaper shop, it’s their Friday treat after school.  Of course being young still they both just go for what plastic toy they want on the front and never really look inside the actual magazine other than to get the stickers out.
Newly launched today is a brand new children’s magazine called Andy’s Amazing Adventures.  You are most likely familiar with Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Andy’s Wild Adventures on CBeebies – this magazine is based on those adventures.
Emmy is a HUGE Andy fan, she went to a preview of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures at the Natural History Museum back in 2014 and met Andy and she still talks about that day even now and loves the show.
This magazine has the usual toys on the front like all children’s magazines – I do however like these ones though as apart from the T-Rex grabber they aren’t little plastic toys which can get broken within minutes typically.  The 5 mini dinosaurs are sturdy one piece figures which actually stand up well (there is nothing more frustrating to a child than a toy which keeps falling over while you are trying to play with it).  The T-Rex works by pressing down the front legs which makes his mouth close.  This has string inside to make it work which after playing with vigorously I can imagine will break fairly quickly.
The magazine itself is aimed at children aged 3 – 6 years so would appeal to both Emmy and Harry who fall into that age range and it also supports the Early Years Curriculum.
Inside you can find things to make, games to play, stories to read and pictures to colour, as well as over 40 different stickers.  There is actually quite a lot packed inside this magazine.
The wording is very age appropriate and the stories and pictures engaging and eye-catching.
It contains lots of animal facts which Emmy loves.
There is a chance after the stories to recap and remember the story to check to see if your child was listening as Andy asks questions relating to the story and they need to fill in the gaps.
There isn’t a lot of writing pages within this book so I personally think it’s better suited to aged 4-5 as the actual activity pages are on the basic side.
Overall though it is a nice magazine which will hopefully be completed and not just tossed aside for the toys.  Reasonably priced at £2.75 I can see this being a new magazine of choice for my adventures.

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