Review: Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid

You all know Emmy is rather keen on Barbie by now, so you can imagine how excited she was to receive the new Barbie™ Bubble-tastic Mermaid.
She had seen this on the TV and as you can imagine she asked for it, everyone loves bubbles after all.

Inside the box are:
Wand tail
Bubble tray
Hair Brush

You just push the tail onto the Barbie and she is ready to use.  Fill the bubble tray with the bubbles and dip her tail in.  Pull the string on Barbie’s back and her tail spins around which then releases the bubbles into the air.

We always play with our bubbles in the bathroom or in the garden as they can make a mess and then the kids fall over in the spilt bubble mixture – it always happens in our house.

Emmy found it very easy to place the tail into the mixture and to pull the string and her and Harry spent ages switching turns so the other could pop the bubbles.

If you get the tail wet in the bath then the bubbles tend not to work, a is the case with all bubble wands, we just dried it on a towel and we were set to go again.

We’ve all had great fun with this toy and it is a great way for both children to blow bubbles without the frustration with is usually caused.  The pot of bubble mixture only lasted for the duration of their bath however bubbles are very cheap to replace or you can make your own.

This toy is priced at £20.99

Disclaimer:  We received this toy in exchange for a honest review, all thoughts are our own.
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