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A little while ago we were asked if we would like to try the new spring/summer menu at our local Beefeater, due to being busy we couldn’t tie in a date to work with us so managed to arrange to visit to one which was en-route home from our holiday in the new forest.
It worked out perfectly as once we had had breakfast and packed up our car, ran the children around and had a very busy morning of cycling, forest walks and frolic’s we were all more than ready for a nice lunch before venturing home.
We visited The Somerford Beefeater in Dorset on a Sunday lunchtime.  On arrival we were seated quickly in an upstairs quiet area and our waitress was very attentive bringing the children colouring in and our drinks very quickly.

The children’s menu was rather colourful and captured the children’s attention straight away, it helped having pictures of all the meals available so they could point to and fully choose themselves.  I always let them choose however with standard menu’s it is usually a written list which I have to read to them.
Harry opted for the vegetable sticks and dip, while Emmy went for the garlic bread option.  I chose loaded potato dippers from the adults menu and Paul had the chicken liver pate.
The children’s portions were a perfect size for them, Harry ate all of his vegetable sticks and dip and Emmy managed one and a half pieces of garlic bread (although she does have to have the crusts removed).  The adults potions were rather large for starters and had I eaten all of mine I wouldn’t have managed a main course, half the portion size would have suited me really, however priced at £4.79 which is very reasonable I certainly was happy and they were delicious.  Paul really enjoyed his pate and the jar was a lovely touch.
For mains Emmy chose a pizza and Harry was adamant he wanted a burger. Paul went for a fillet steak and I went with a chicken, bacon and avocado salad.
Emmy’s pizza option was a create your own so she chose to have sweetcorn on hers as she isn’t very adventurous with toppings, it comes with garlic and corn on the cob although she switched the corn for peas.  Emmy did rather well, once I had cut this up for her and taken off the crust.  She gave Harry her garlic bread.
Harry’s burger came with chips and corn on the cob.  He pulled apart his burger before a picture was taken and ate part of the bun only, he did eat a good portion of his chips, all his corn and Emmy’s garlic bread.
Paul’s steak was well cooked to his liking and very tasty so I’m informed. He did ask for no salad etc as he doesn’t like these but they were still added anyway.
My salad sadly seemed to lack the promised avocado, well there were 2 slices but that wasn’t quite what I was expecting, the menu says “Succulent chicken breast strips tossed with baby leaf salad, streaky bacon, avocado, red pepper and cherry tomatoes”, as well as lacking the avocado I had 2 half cherry tomatoes and 2 or 3 slices of red pepper.  While it was very tasty it certainly didn’t match up to the menu and for £10.99 was rather expensive for what I had been given.  Sadly our meal had taken almost 35 minutes to arrive after our starter so I wasn’t sending back as the kids were already getting a little fidgety by this time.
We had promised the kids a pudding so chose those next.  They both had ice-cream with chocolate sauce, Paul went with chocolate brownie with ice-cream, while I went with a banoffee cheesecake.
While our desserts were served quickly the wait to place our order for them was rather long, had we not promised the kids they could have one we were talking of just settling the bill and getting an ice-cream later on the drive home.  Kids being kids didn’t want to leave without their ice-creams thankfully they did arrive quickly and all desserts were very tasty.
Kids meals at the Beefeater are £5.49 for 2 course and £5.99 for 3 courses which is very reasonable for kids meals.
This particular restaurant wasn’t our local one and to us didn’t seem all that busy when we arrived, although I couldn’t see all of the restaurant from where we were seated.
Disclaimer:  We received a £50 voucher to cover the cost of our meals in exchange for an honest review.  We paid the extra to cover our bill.

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  1. The meals looks delicious! I never knew the Beefeater offered such great value for money. The kids meal's look like something Maxwell would enjoy. We will visit soon as a family. Thank you for your post!

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