Review: BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Pet™ Vacuum

Having a large dog I find I have to hoover daily to keep on top of the mess, add two children into that equation and it can often need doing twice daily as it looks like I’ve not touched the floors for a while come early evening. Those are the perks of having a big household, and an active family. There are many ways to keep on top of things, the most common solution among pet owners are Dyson pet vacuum cleaners. They get the job done, and you don’t waste your time since they take minutes to use.

It’s par for the course and as long as I keep on top of it it’s manageable, only when I have a busy day or two in a row do I really notice as I just can’t  fit in hovering on those days (although I do try to run it over the hall incase visitors turn up unexpectedly).

I was recently sent a BISSELL C3 cyclonic Pet vacuum to try out to see if it could make life a little easier.

This is a bagless hoover with a 2.5L capacity, it features a one-click system which makes changing over the tools really quick and simple.  There are two floor cleaning tools for carpets and hard floors, a pet hair brush for concentrating on those areas where you’ve more pet hairs – I find this perfect for the bottom of the stairs where Barney sleeps and his dog’s bed.

You can also use this hoover with the dusting tool for skirting boards, door frames, pictures and by using with the extension pole you can get rid of those high up cobwebs and spiders.

It also comes with an upholstery tool for curtains, nets and even suit jackets to remove those pesky hairs from.

Setting up is just a case of attaching the hose, then the handle.  The handle has a dusting tool already attached which stays on and the extension pole then attaches to this.  To remove use the one click on the top and the extension pole comes off again.

You can use the hoover with the handle and dusting tool for reaching the areas close to you or attach the extension pole which also has a dusting tool attached for the higher or low down areas.

With an adjustable pole it is easy to change the height so the children can also help with the housework, which of course is always a bonus.


Of course hoovers always have to be ridden on

If using the combination floor tool you can move between rooms with ease and at the push of the pedal on the brush deploy the brushes for cleaning hard flooring and then press again to hoover carpeted areas.  You can do this with you foot and saves from having to change the head over when you move rooms.

The suction on this hoover actually lifts my carpet and removes all Barneys hair effortlessly meaning it has actually cut down the time I spend cleaning as my old hoover had lost suction.

The above picture shows my hall, I had hovered the day before this was taken and it actually wasn’t looking too bad – or so I thought.  I hovered the hall, my kitchen which has tiles and my front room which has wooden flooring.  I then emptied the cylinder and was really surprised at the amount of hair it had picked up.

I was surprised at the amount of hair this picked up and just proves how effective the suction is and that I really did need a new hoover.

This hoover isn’t the lightest small model however with a 7m cord is can reach from one end of the room to the other easily and with a long hose it is possible to clean the stairs without having to unplug halfway through.  The one click system makes it very easy to change between the tools very quickly and I have found the dusting tool really useful for those areas I can’t reach without getting a step out, the ones I generally just forget as they are high and I can’t see them.

This hoover is available from, comes with a 5 year guarantee and costs £259.99 however is on sale currently for £159.99

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
Prices correct at time of publishing


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17 thoughts on “Review: BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Pet™ Vacuum

  1. second time handle break(one was replace by bissell) now im gone send it back and get money back(not good to use to much,maybe once a month for 2 years and then replace! my is on warranty….

  2. Sounds like a great vacuum cleaner. It's scary how much stuff really curls in a carpet and having a cleaner that has enough attachments and enough power to make a difference is so important

  3. my bissell hoovers just broke on me for the second time and im gutted as im pregnant and using a nozzle to clean the whole house with a terrible stand by one, its passed its warrently so i cant do anything about it , it was my best ever hoover too

  4. Our trusty old Dyson has given up and we've been looking for a new vacuum but HUbby is taking some convincing to move away from Dyson. We need an animal one and this looks great! x

    1. Paul was the same when I first moved away from my Dyson, he however doesn't ever hoover so couldn't understand how quickly it had lost suction. This really is good

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