Review: Blizzard Ski Jacket from Muddy Puddles

The sun may be shining now but it is still rather chilly especially on the walk to School every morning, although Emmy is adamant she wants to leave the house coatless but soon changes her mind once we are at the end of the path.

We walk to and from School every day and I try to make sure she is wrapped up and warm when necessary, I have gloves in her coat pockets and she has a hat in her book bag which she can put on if she needs them – the sun may have appeared but it is only March and definitely not quite time to shred all layers just yet.

She has been wearing a Blizzard Ski Jacket from Muddy Puddles for a few weeks now and it is rather snuggly and perfect for this inbetween weather – it is waterproof so great for the showers and a lovely warm padded jacket which is lightweight and hardwearing.  This jacket retails at £59 although is currently on offer for £29.

It arrived when the snow was threatening but sadly we only managed to get a few hours of the magical white stuff here, this is England though so you actually can’t guarantee that spring will bring the weather it is supposed to!

This is a size 5-6 and as you can see it is very roomy and I’m sure will still fit her next year, Emmy is just 5. It comes in 2 colour choices Raspberry (which we chose) and Black colour block which has Blue and Red on it too.  This jacket is available from age 4-5 all the way up to 11-12 years.

With very cute turquoise zippers, hood lining and fleece lining this is a lovely colourway and it is easy for Emmy to spot and to identify when in class.

A lot of thought has been put into the functionality of this garment – there are deep zipped side pockets for keeping your gloves or valuables in, there is another zipped breast pocket and even a pull out elasticated ski pass compartment on the bottom (see the turquoise tab on the above picture – this pulls down and pulls out a clear pocket compartment). 

There is a reflective strip on either side of this jacket and above the logo on the breast.  The cuffs are adjustable with Velcro and has an internal Lycra cuff with a thumb hole inbuilt.

There is an internal panel which is a snow skirt – you button this up to when on the slopes to keep the snow out – it can be unzipped and removed which we have done.

The hood is attached with popper so can be removed if you want – I’ve not shown this to Emmy as she will keep taking it off and then I know we will lose it.

 Emmy is very comfortable wearing this jacket, she has full range of movement still and loves to fill the deep pockets with things she collects on her travels such as stones and feathers.
It has certainly been put through it’s paces after a recent School trip into the forest Gruffalo hunting – now I’ve no idea what they got up to but from the state she came home in I can well imagine!  This coat has been washed on a normal wash and it dried on the line within a few hours with no colour fading or running.

This is a coat that is made to last and at the offer price of only £29 this is amazing value for money and it will used for a while to come and should still fit next year – sadly the colour isn’t suitable to pass down to Harry. 

There is a name label stitched into this where you can write your child’s name – it does say on it “Hand me down to someone smaller than you” which is what we always do with the children’s clothes anyway.
We have been asked to rate the following qualities out of 5 for Muddy Puddles:
  • Quality = 3
  • Durability = 4
  • Comfort = 4
  • Price = 3
  • Practicality = 4
Important Note:
You’ll notice that unlike my other reviews there are no pictures of Emmy wearing this item.
That is because I have since removed them. It has come to my attention that Muddy Puddles have been using my images in their Bloggers guidelines as to how not to take pictures of their products.
Their reasoning is that I had added my watermark as I always do to my images and had two pictures next to each other.

I would like to make it known I am a busy Mum of two children,  not a professional photographer and my images are always watermarked with my blog image so they are easily identified and to help protect my children by discouraging people to use my photos without my permission.
All photos are taken with my phone and taken to the best quality I can without expensive equipment.

I will NOT be adding these images again nor will I ever work with Muddy Puddles again 

Disclaimer: We received this item for review purposes, all thought and opinions are our own.

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19 thoughts on “Review: Blizzard Ski Jacket from Muddy Puddles

  1. Lovely colour, I think the price is very reasonable for a ski jacket, shame we haven't had the weather this year. I take full responsibilty…it's because I bought my son snow boots again this year…a guarantee that it won't snow! 🙁

  2. oh im loving the jacket, this is one of those must have items , its a need and want and look great, these things last a great time x

  3. I haven't heard of this company but looks like a beautiful jacket and such a lovely colour xx

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