Review: Choconchoc Melt & Make London

It’s a well know fact that my kids love Chocolate (as do most kids I’m sure), so when they were sent this lovely Melt & Make London set they were over the moon.
It arrived just before we were due to head to London for a family visit to the Sealife Centre, so great timing. 
Inside the pack are:
  • 2 large packs of chocolate buttons
  • 2 moulding trays
  • 2 colouring sheets
Emmy was actually most excited by the colouring sheets as she instantly recognised Big Ben, the London Eye and a few other London sites and this got her talking about our upcoming visit and all the things we will see on our boat trip down the Thames.
You start by emptying the buttons into a microwavable bowl (leaving some back for later) and heating for bursts of 40 seconds, mixing, heating again and repeating until all are melted.
You then let this cool a little – make sure the bowl is cooled enough for children to touch as they will want to pour the melted chocolate into the moulds.
Once the moulds are filled, tap them to level out and pop into the fridge to set.  This actually doesn’t take very long however we did leave over night.
When set you can remove from the moulds and using the left over chocolate melt this and make up Big Ben – it’s like a puzzle and needs putting together.
I’ll be honest here – Emmy ate the left over chocolate and Harry ate 2 clock sides before we had chance to put it together. 
I did stand it all up together to show the kids what it should look like – then they devoured it very quickly.
You can see from this picture what the finished result should be – what does matter is the kids had fun making this and the chocolate was delicious!
This kit is available from and is priced at £12.99.
Disclaimer:  We were sent this set for the children to enjoy.


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23 thoughts on “Review: Choconchoc Melt & Make London

  1. Oh Aaron would adore both making AND eating this. He's not a big eater of sugary sweets at all but LOVES chocolate. When my finances are better will have to treat us to a set. Love it x

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