Review: Creating magic with a Fairy Garden

Emmy is a girlie girl, she loves dolls, dressing up and fairies.
She believes in fairies, and recently they have visited her taking all her dodo’s (dummies) to the babies who need them.  She even has her own special fairy door in the skirting board of her bedroom, and when she is especially good the fairies visit and bring her presents.
Recently she was sent a Fairy Garden set from InterPlay to try out and she couldn’t wait to get started.
This set retails at £12.99 and comes with everything you need to create your own special fairy garden (except for soil).

Upon opening the kit you need to fill the container up to the top with soil, I half filled ours as Emmy wanted to keep it in her bedroom and I could already envisage the mess which be made once Harry got hold of it.
You then need to build the sparkly fairy house, which a case of just slotting together and positioning into your garden.
Next you place the water feature into the garden – this is the shell and create a colourful path using the gravel.
You can then hang the washing on the line, position the toadstools and flowers and your fairy. Then sprinkle the grass seeds over the exposed soil.
Water and then after a few days you have a wonderful fairy garden.
Emmy really enjoyed making this.  She needed help to make the house and to put the washing line up however all the rest she managed herself.
As you can see Emmy was also incharge of the grass seed and it is a little patchy but she loves it.  Her very own fairy garden.
This kit is available to buy from
Disclaimer: We received this item for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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