A day out at Diggerland

Harry is a typical boy, he loves mud, being outdoors and is obsessed with Cars, Trains, Planes and more than anything Diggers!
This has been reinforced by the building of 4 houses in the next road to us (almost directly behind our house).  Harry has been able to see this whole process from start to almost completion (they are now adding the windows and then the outside is finished and then they will move onto the interior work which he won’t be able to see).  He has seen all the machines as they come and go and often we can be found just watching the workmen as they carry on around us obvious mostly to the little boy in his element watching them from the outskirts, and in bad weather he can be found watching them from his bedroom window.
Recently we surprised the children and took them for a day out to Diggerland in Kent.  We didn’t tell them our destination until we pulled up in the car park.
Diggerland Kent, review
It was safe to say we had a very excited boy on our hands and Emmy was just as thrilled.
It is a smallish park in comparison to your usual theme parks, that said we were still able to spend around 4 hours here and went on many of the rides a couple of times.
Diggerland incase you haven’t heard of it yet is a theme park where you can ride, drive and operate real full sized machinery.  The rides are actually working JCB’s, Diggers, Dumper trucks which have been specially adapted for you and your children to ride on or try out for yourselves.
Each ride has an operator who will talk you through the controls before you are able to have a go yourselves.  With the kids sitting on your lap, and with your seatbelts on you can both try your hand at excavating a hole using the 6 tonne digger, use the mini diggers to hook a duck and knock down the skittles and even ride a Dumper truck around the track.
Diggerland Kent, Review, Day out with kids in Kent
Our first port of call was hook-a-duck in the mini Diggers, after a quick briefing on the controls we set off to have a competition amongst ourselves, Harry was with Paul and Emmy with me, Emmy refused to be helped so struggled for a while before finally getting to grips with the controls, Harry and Paul did this together and they won.  It was great fun.  You have ducks in a waterhole infront of you and you use the hook on the end of the Digger to hook them and lift them out, placing them on the sides.  A little tricky to start but you seem to be allowed enough time to lift out all of the ducks before your turn is over.
Emmy wanted to have a go at digging a hole next while Harry headed for the Dumper trucks, he absolutely loved riding the track on this sitting on Paul’s lap and steering himself while Paul pressed the pedal, of course he needed some help but he loved ever minute of being let loose on the big machinery on his own. 
Dumper truck ride, Diggerland, Diggerland kent, review
The queue for the 6 tonne Digger was rather long so Harry and Paul actually started queuing for that before we had even had our turn (this was mainly due to a group of teenagers having a turn each and then their Dad’s also having a turn each so it made the line a lot longer – of course we didn’t mind and to be fair as the Dad’s had paid the same price to go in as their children I guess it is only fair), they waited really well and it took around 30 minutes before we got on – in the scheme of theme parks this is actually no time at all and was the longest queue all day so very good.
6 Tonne, Digger, Digging at diggerland
It was really good fun to be able to use the scoop to dig out the earth and move to one side before dropping and starting again, the controls once you get the hand of them are pretty easy and Emmy did this entirely on her own.
The rides are all very close together so little legs don’t tire easily and most rides were accessible to both children when accompanied by an adult (Harry is round 1m tall and Emmy around 1.2m’s) Harry couldn’t ride the big go-karts. 
A favourite was the mini Landrovers which both children could sit in with Emmy driving them both around a mini dirt track, she was so proud of herself and Harry loved riding with her.
mini landrover for kids, review, diggerland, things to do in kent
Dig-around was a hit with all – you sit in bucket style seats and are spun around in circles by a digger going both forward and backwards – Harry kept shouting ‘this is fun’.
There is a lovely café with a huge selection for both adults and children, serving both hot and cold foods and drinks and even alcohol (which I wasn’t too keen on in a child’s park however that may just be me).  There is a small slide and play area and also sandpit areas as well as coin operated ride on cars and diggers. 
The entry price is rather expensive so do keep an eye out for offers on the Facebook page and also worth noting is that you can exchange Tesco Clubcard vouchers for a day out with £5.50 worth of vouchers you can get entry for one person.
Entry price is:
Under 90cm: FREE (under 80cm’s can ride 1 of the 18 rides and 80-90cm’s can ride of the 18 rides)
Children over 90cm: £19.959
Adults: £19.95
Age 65+: £9.95
Disabled carer: (one per paying visitor) FREE
You can find a full list of the 18 rides on site and the height restrictions for these rides here.
I can highly recommend this for a great day out for all digger loving fans of all ages – you can even book adult only experiences!  As you can see a fun day out was had by all.  We are already planning a return visit as we missed a few of the.
For further information please visit the website: www.diggerland.com
There are 4 Diggerland parks:
  • Devon
  • Durham
  • Kent
  • Yorkshire
Disclaimer: We received family tickets to visit Diggerland, all thoughts and opinions are our own and unbiased.


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