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I had been keeping a big secret from the children for a few weeks in the lead up to Christmas.  Both are huge Disney fans and recently Emmy had the chance to learn to ice skate with the Disney on Ice skaters – what I hadn’t told them was we were off to the opening night of Disney on Ice to watch the World’s of Enchantment show at the O2.
We managed to get to the O2 on the 22nd and still they had no idea where we were going, it was only when I paid for our parking that they over heard and started jumping up and down with excitement. 
I’d never been to an event at the O2 arena before and was very pleasantly surprised at how organised it all was, from collecting our tickets at the box office, to added security and bag scans going in.  We had planned to grab some dinner when we got there but traffic didn’t allow and I was very glad Id forward planned and made lunchboxes for the children (as although we had planned to eat out they usually don’t eat much and then are hungry and want over priced food when inside).  There was a long queue to get into the arena but it moved very quickly and we weren’t standing around for very long.
Our seats were very good too – central and with a good view, a little too far away to get great photos with my phone camera but perfect for the children to see and hear all the action.  With a prompt 7pm start the children were mesmerised from the minute Mickey and Minnie Mouse skated onto the stage, followed shortly after by Donald, Daisy and Goofy.  Harry immediately stood up cheered and was pointing out all of his favourite characters while Emmy sat staring in amazement.
The show starts with a long Toy Story 3 segment, this is the longest part of the show and could possibly have been shortened in order to make the other segments a little longer as it felt a little too long.
The skaters all dressed as the loveable Toy Story characters re-enact the scenes from the movie starting from Andy packing up his room ready to go to college to the toys finding themselves at Sunnyside Daycare Centre with Lotso and his gang of toys.  Emmy loved watching Barbie and Ken skate around and especially found Ken’s fashion show very amusing.
The costumes and set is amazing and just how they manage to move everything around as well as remember their moves and words is amazing enough without being on ice skates – it really is unbelievable.  Things which shouldn’t be possible to do on ice are made possible and we were all in awe of the skaters throughout.
The toys manage to escape from Sunnyside – as you’ll know from the movie and you see them find their way home and going to a new and loving forever home.
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Dec 22, 2015 at 11:44am PST
After Toy Story came a short Little Mermaid segment – here we saw Ariel meet the Prince and wish she could have legs and live on the land to meet the prince properly, she is granted her wish by Ursula who of course takes her voice in exchange and tries her best to stop the pair kissing by midnight, but fails.  While this part of the show is very short they do manage to cram in the main parts within just a few scenes.
There was then a brief 20 minute interval where you could stretch your legs, make a toilet trip or grab some souvenirs or snacks. As is always the case with these shows and venues everything was very over priced sadly – Emmy wanted some candyfloss which came with an Olaf baseball cap attached but at £11 it didn’t happen especially as I had already said they could have a drink, these came in novelty cups which you can keep and take home – Emmy had an Olaf cup which had a lid to it and Harry a Mickey Mouse beaker, both filled with a snow cone (crushed ice and flavouring – more solid than a slush) and these came to £22!
After the interval it was time for Cars and this was just amazing, how the cars moved on the ice is just beyond me but the danced around with ease and were loved by Harry especially who keep shouting and pointing out all the characters he recognised.
Lastly and perhaps the part Emmy was most looking forward to was Frozen – this certainly was the most popular with the audience participation as although they were clapping along during Toy Story, during the Frozen scenes you could see and hear many singing along and dancing too – Emmy certainly was and I admit it was very catching and I did too.

The whole movie was re-enacted really well within a few scenes from the opening of the gates to Elsa freezing the Summer and building her ice palace.  The kids both found Olaf hilarious especially when he lost his head for a while and were memorised by the whole show.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and highly recommend this show for all Disney fans of all ages from 3 years upwards (I don’t think children younger would enjoy as it is a long show to sit through).  There honestly wasn’t anything within this show which we didn’t like, there were parts which could have been a little longer and the Toy Story part cut down a little but it really was a wonderful show. 
You’d be mistaken if you thought this show was purely for kids – the adults all enjoyed it just as much as the kids did and we have been left amazed, entertained and were glued to the action throughout.  A must see if you get the chance and I without a doubt will be taking the children to the 2016 show.
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Dec 22, 2015 at 1:28pm PST

Disclaimer:  We received tickets to the show in exchange for an honest review.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Disney On Ice – World’s of Enchantment

  1. we saw dinshey on ice last year (a slightly different show) and our son loved it! It's such a magical day out for little ones and the cars inthis looks great. x

  2. What a really wonderful Christmas treat. I remember taking ours to this when they were little and they absolutely loved it too. Something very magical about it all (and those skaters are fantastic!)

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