Review: eZee Beads

We all crafts in this household however there are times when messy crafts really aren’t welcomed and the simple ones come into play.  These are ones which can be pulled from the shelf at the drop of a hat and no set up and little supervision is needed.
Emmy was recently sent some eZee Beads.  She received the Garden bugs & flowers set to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show.
These beads are a cross between the much loved Hama Beads and Aqua Beads and suitable from the age of 5 years old.
In our set there are around 400 beads, these are cylinder shaped just like Hama Beads and fit onto a peg board but unlike Hama Beads these beads mould together once you have finished your design with water so there is no need to get out the iron – a huge plus for me as I hate ironing and it is actually stored at the back of a deep cupboard.
In the set are:
  • coloured beads (7 colours)
  • plastic tray to store the beads
  • peg board
  • 5 design cards
  • plastic spray bottle
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Emmy found this little kit very easy to get to grips with as the design slips under the pegboard and is already colour coded.  You simply follow the design and once finished spray with water, leave for between 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry and then peel off of the board.
eZee Beads, review, chelsea flower show,, john adams
Emmy found these easy to make and she completed the designs very quickly.
We found it rather frustrating that you couldn’t go on to make a new design straight away, you need to wait for the first one to dry before you can remove it from the peg board and by the time it had dried Emmy was bored and didn’t want to make another that day.
From a parental point of view these are easier to manage then the Aqua beads as being circular they can be knocked off the board and then roll all over the floor.  I have found them to be a little weak once dried and can easily break however they can also be ironed to combat this – although this is a catch 20/20 for me as I hate ironing.
These comes in 3 sizes: Basic sets cost £4.99, large sets cost £9.99 and come with 800 beads and the larger sets are available for £14.99 and £19.99.
These beads are made by John Adams and also available Amazon and other good retailers.
Disclaimer: We received this set in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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