Review: Fairy Charm Jewellery from Interplay

There is one thing Emmy loves most of all and that is crafts and making things.  She is a very girlie girl who loves her jewellery and dressing up.
During a recent playdate we cracked out a recent delivery we had received from Interplay – Fairy Charm Jewellery,  this is a lovely crafting kit with all the accessories needed to create 10 magical pieces of jewellery.
Inside the box you will find:
  • 160 Opaque Beads in 3 colours
  • 80 Bicone Beads in 2 colours
  • 40 Round Facetted Beads
  • 10 Pink Head Beads
  • 10 Purple Star Beads
  • 10 Purple Butterfly Beads
  • 12 Metal Fairy Charms
  • 12 Split Rings
  • 5m Stretch Jewellery cord
  • 5 Clasps
  • 10 Small Beads
  • Instruction Booklet
The instruction booklet shows you clearly how to make necklaces and bracelets from tying off the ends to attaching the clasps. 
You can match up the beads and make elaborate repeating patterns with the beads, ensuring both sides of your design are matching.
We started creating our designs during a playdate and both Emmy and her friend took different approaches to their designs.  Emmy went for the grabbing any bead and threading onto her cord while Kayla opted to carefully count out her beads and make a pattern with her beads.
Both the finished results were beautiful and they loved creating their own necklaces.
There are enough beads in this set to make around 10 necklace/bracelet combinations and is something Emmy will come back to at a later date to make some more as we have put them aside for a quiet day.
This lovely set is aimed at children aged 4-7 years old although younger children may find the threading of the beads difficult as the beads are small therefore making the holes small and they will definitely need help in tying the knot and clasps onto the finished jewellery.
Priced at £7.99 this would make a lovely birthday present for those up and coming birthday parties.
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