Review: Fairytale: Story of the Seven Dwarves DVD

A host of everyone’s favourite childhood characters come together with hilarious results in FAIRYTALE: STORY OF THE SEVEN DWARVES which was released on DVD on March 16th, 2015

In this film you will find faiytale favourites: Red Riding Hood, The Snow Queen, The Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Jack & the Beanstalk.

When Bobo, the youngest of the infamous seven dwarves, accidentally pricks Sleeping Beauty with a needle which sends the kingdom into a century-long slumber, he and the other six dwarves must embark on the adventure of a lifetime – to find her one true love and undo the Snow Queen’s wicked spell! 

A mix up of everyone’s favourite fairy tales and a story for young and old alike, this adventure has everything from tap-dancing dragons to brave little dwarves, a romance between Sleeping Beauty and Jack (of ‘the Beanstalk’ fame), non-stop gags, and toe-tapping songs. Love Shrek? Then you’ll be Enchanted by FAIRYTALE: STORY OF THE SEVEN DWARVES – the mother of all family films!

The movie gripped both Emmy and Harry who had great fun naming all the characters they knew from their much loved fairytales – it mixes all of the fairytales using parts from all tales combining them into a brand new twist which see’s the Snow Queen putting a magic spell on Jack which makes him fall in love with her instead of Sleeping Beauty – thankfully the quick thinking Dwarves manage to break this spell before he makes the fatal mistake of kissing the Queen.

Harry spend a whole day walking around saying “must prick finger, must prick finger” after watching this film.

A lovely film for all ages (adults includes)

Cert: PG
Running time: 84 minutes long

Disclaimer:  We received a copy of this movie for the purpose of this post.


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