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Back in April we got Harry his first bike, a bike with stabilisers as Emmy had one and he kept trying to ride hers.  It was around the same time we began trying to teach her to ride without her stabilisers on – we soon discovered that her balance was rather poor and it would be a long haul process with her giving up many times and then finally refusing to even try.

Harry loved his bike but couldn’t peddle forwards.  Cute at first but very annoying and frustrating for him.  He did finally learn over the summer holidays and was so please and proud of himself.

It was always in the back of our mind however that he may struggle later on, as Emmy was with balance as the stabilisers hold them upright doing most of the work for them.

When FirstBike got in touch to ask if Harry would like to try out one of their balance bikes we were very keen to try it out.

FirstBike review, balance bike

Balance bikes look just like your usual bike however there are no peddles and therefore no stabilisers.  They help to tech children to use there bodies, first by walking the bike along using their feet while sitting on it, then as their confidence grows they begin to pick up speed steering the bike and lifting their feet off the ground as you would on a normal bike only their feet would be on the peddles.  While their feet are off the ground they are balancing and holding the bike upright without even realising it – a skill which helps them to progress faster to a big bike bypassing the need for the training wheels altogether.

Harry was over the moon to see this and ever since has called it his “Awesome Motorbike”.

This is the Street version in light blue.  It comes with a hand brake on the right handle bar which operates the rear brake.  

Assembly is very simple, you need to attach the front wheel and the handle bars and you are ready to go.  The seat is adjustable in height so this will grow with your child.  I have found the metal pole which slots into the handle bars and through the frame to attach them together wasn’t that easy to get in place, after a few attempts we have settled for almost in – it should slot all the way down and then a piece of plastic slots over it to cover it, however ours won’t slot to the bottom so we can’t cover with the plastic plate.  Harry doesn’t seem to mind or have even noticed but I do worry incase he slips and knocks his face on it.

Harry jumped straight on and was away, slowly at first but picking up speed in no time.

Now it is rather impossible for me to keep up with him, he can’t seem to get the hang of using his brake to stop and will just use his feet but I’m sure this comes with time just like riding a standard bike.

His balance is amazing on this, he can whizz around corners and tight bends with ease and almost keep up with Emmy when she is on her scooter.  This has fast become his favourite way to get to school and back, alternating with his scooter when the mood takes him.

The Street FirstBike has air fille tyres which are suitable for urban areas with concrete, stone or packed dirt areas.  

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and a 5 year warranty on all other parts.

Price at £94.99 this really is a great starter bike for children to learn to ride on.

FirstBike also have a basic style which comes without the brake as well as a Racing version, Cross and a couple of Ltd editions all available in a selection of colours.

For further information please visit the website or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. That looks great. Our three-year-old has been reluctant to try scooters, but a couple of his older buddies have the balance bikes. I didn't realise there were such a useful step towards using pedal bikes too. I'm having visions of him cruising along as I push his little sibling in the buggy.

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