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I have no idea what it is about cuddly toys but every child seems to love them, Emmy and Harry have loads of them and whenever we go for a day out they head straight to them in the gift shops, I was actually the same as a child and it didn’t matter how many I had I always wanted more.
Recently they were sent a Fluffimals kit and their excitement showed as soon as they opened the box.
If you haven’t yet heard of Fluffimals and have no idea what I am talking about then I will tell you:  Fluffimals is a very cute mini soft toy that comes with a fluffy machine which allows you to stuff your own friend in the comfort of your own home.
You’ll have all heard of a store where you can go to stuff your own toy to create/build your own friend – well this set is of a similar concept to that only on a smaller scale and once you have created your friend you are actually able to re-stuff them to create a new personality for your special pal.
Inside the starter kit you will find:
  • A fluffy bear
  • Fluffy factory
  • Glowing heart
  • Magic personality fluffy stuffing
  • Tweezers
  • Hairbrush
  • Birth certificate
  • Personality ingredients cards
Setting up and making our own fluffy friend was very easy, firstly you need to add the handle to the machine.  Next you choose the personality card which best suits your bear – this is like a teddy bear recipe card, it tells you which colour pompoms to stuff your bear with.
Using the tweezers you then place the pompoms into the top of the machine, making sure you push the dial on the front to locked otherwise they will just fall down into the drawer below. 
You then activate the glowing heart by pulling out the piece of plastic attached and shake the heart, unfortunately ours didn’t seem to actually glow very well – it started for a few seconds then never again even with vigorous shaking.  On the back of the teddy there is a twist stopper, unscrew this and place in the heart and attach the teddy to the machine.  Turn the handle to mix the pompoms around and then unlock the tray by pushing across the dial on the front.  Turn the handle again and the pompoms will fall down and then using the handle on the side it will cause the pompoms to be twisted across into the teddy.
Once all the stuffing is inside the bear you then take it off of the machine and twist the stopper back onto the back. 
You can name the bear and even write out its birth certificate.  If you want to change the stuffing of the bear (the personality) you just unscrew the back and start over again.
We were also sent an extension kit so both children could create a friend – this contains a cuddly friend ready to stuff, along with pompoms, a glowing heart, birth certificate and personality cards. The great thing about the extension kits is that once you have purchased the starter pack you can reuse it over and over again with the extra packs – it would be a great party activity and instead of giving a select group of friends a goodie bag they could instead take home their own fluffy animal.
Both Emmy and Harry enjoyed making their own friend, it was simple enough for them to do alone although neither of them went done the personality route – they just wanted to see how many pompoms they could add into the machine and then into their new friend.
Giveaway Time

I have very kindly been given a starter Fluffimals kit to giveaway to one lucky reader, so if you would like to enter for your chance to win this lovely prize please fill in the rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway will end at midnight on 23rd May 2016.  Good Luck

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66 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Fluffimals

  1. My daughter has her favourite teddy for bed (it's a baby dumbo) but since moving to a cabin bed she seems to be accumulating more soft toys to have at the bottom of her bed. They always cone out of her bed during the day so they can have a rest and be ready to protect her from monsters at night!

  2. I am entering for my Niece, she'd love this! She has two fave teds, one I bought her when she was born and the other from my parents she was given at the same time. Pink Ted and Little Ted are never far 🙂

  3. My daughter has lots of favourites but her all time favourite three are her snow leopard, otter and husky dog.

  4. My son has a favourite dinosaur toy, which he pins all his school achievement badges on 🙂 My daughter loves her dollies xx

  5. Yes a monkey soft toy that was mine lol. 🙂 He's about 40 years old now. Called Jacko. Funny thing is he was in the loft and we were looking for something else and Phoenix (my great-niece – so hope this counts) asked if she could take him downstairs (at the time he was nearly as big as she was). The only thing that was wrong with him was he needed a good wash (his face, hands and feet are hard plastic but his body is soft) and his clothing (still the original) was a bit worse the wear. So we measured him and went to a charity shop and was looking at baby clothes to put him in. The woman said "Oh that's cute" (the one we were measuring to see if it would fit) and we said "Oh we just want it for a monkey", her face was a picture as she thought we meant a "real" one. 🙂 (Sorry for the long essay).

  6. all of my children have had a favourite first soft eldest now 21 still has her pooh bearmy 19 year old son still has his bear my 12 year old son still has his mothercare my first bear on his bed and our youngest daughter aged 6 still has her first bear/bunny and it so needs a wash

  7. All 3 of mine do. Munch has her Fudgy Bear, Beastie has Pooh Bear and Plumlet has his Tigger. Their cuddlies are like little extensions of them!! Beastie has been begging for this since she's seen the ads on TV!

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