Review: Funky new School shoes from Cloggs

It maybe almost the end of the School year but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking new school shoes.
Emmy outgrew her School shoes around a month ago and it was around this time we were offered a lovely review from Cloggs, we were able to chose any pair of shoes from their Back to School range. 
Now as Emmy is in Nursery and she doesn’t actually need to wear a uniform I took this chance, and my last chance to choose something which wasn’t black.
Together we chose these beauties:
Aren’t they awesome!!
I’ve proper shoe envy with these.
These are Dr Martens – Junior Delaney in Purple Patent in a size 10. 
Since these have arrived Emmy has worn them nearly every day, rain or shine.  Her newest fashion is her DM’s and summery dresses, and who wouldn’t!
These have an air cushioned soles and Emmy says “They are bouncy Mummy”.  As well as laces these also have inside zips making it easy for children to put on themselves.
These would be great School shoes come September when the weather starts to cool down and perfect for Winter. 
These Dr Martens are available for £54.99 and are available in the Back to School range in lots of colour options including Black.
I am hugely impressed with these boots, Emmy is known for scuffing all her shoes within days, they have been worn most days for over a month now and show no signs of wear at all – a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and they are as good as new.  These boots are made to last and to be worn – who wouldn’t love these.
Emmy is so proud of these that she shows anyone who comes to our house, including the postlady. 
Disclaimer:  We received these boots for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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23 thoughts on “Review: Funky new School shoes from Cloggs

  1. Docs are very cool – I used to have Doc Marten shoes for school when I was at secondary school. They're very expensive for kids shoes though!

    1. I had thought the same tbh Sarah so chose a size bigger 😉
      So now they will see her through the year and are very hard wearing and will last well

  2. They certainly look like they would be really hard wearing, which is ideal for school. Love the purple though! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Oh I am on the look out for school shoes for Lottie that will last her more than a week without scuffing…wouldn't have thought of these, might pop and try some out!

  4. Those are so cute! I would love to get my little girl a pair of docs but I have hesitated over the price tag! Nice to hear she finds them comfortable. I am thinking if I got a pair in red so her little brother could wear them I may be able to justify it! #TriedTested

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