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Spring is finally here and the past few weeks have been rather nice so we’ve been spending as much time in the garden as possible.
With this turn of weather we’ve been sent a new garden toy for the kids to enjoy, a Giant Connect 4 from Big Game Hunters.
Now as you can imagine from the name alone, it is big, bigger than the kids infact!  Think Pub sized outdoor games and you can imagine the size.
Setting this up is actually very simple, I did alone with very poorly kids in less than 10 minutes,  it would have been quicker had I not had helpers running off with the pieces and stopping to take pictures.
It is a case of slotting the sections into the legs, adding the top half and then sliding in the bottom sections which stop the counters from falling out.
Of course we had to play straight away while it was in the house, neither of the kids quite get the rules yet and were racing each other to get the counters in as fast as they could and making patterns with them.
You can get an idea of the size of this by seeing the children next to it,  Harry who is 2 and a half needs to stand on a step to reach the top.
While this isn’t the cheapest garden toy, priced at £189.99 it is one which can be enjoyed by all ages, from 2 to adults.  I do admit that Paul and I have been playing this and it can get quite competitive.
With the summer coming and lots of BBQ’s planned this is something which will be used lots by the children and our adult guests (throw in a few glasses of wine or beers and the competition will heat up – I can feel a tournament coming on).
With it being plastic it is fine to keep outside and it won’t weather, there are two net bags to keep all the counters safely together too, I just tie ours to the holes on the game so they don’t get lost.  Although if the counters do get lost (one of ours has) you can buy these separately for £3 each.
A few niggles I have with this are that although there are designated counter stands either side for easy access of the counters while playing,  if you stack more than around 6 up they all fall down so we just don’t bother and leave them on the ground.
It would also be nice if there was a way to lock the bars at the bottom which release the counters as Harry finds it very amusing to pull them out mid game.
This is a lovely addition to the garden and will give hours of enjoyment, along with the other garden toys such as the new slide and swing set which we put up this weekend and the trampoline our garden is almost ready for the summer.

Now it’s just a matter of clearing the rubbish, knocking down the brick BBQ, weeding and lots of pruning to do…….it maybe ready in time!
This game I available from
Disclaimer:  We received this in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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