Review & Giveaway: Songmics Interlocking Storage Cubes

Why is it that children seem to hoard teddies and soft toys? How does it even happen….I am pretty sure they actually just breed during the night and reproduce at the rate which rabbits do.

I swear Emmy only started off one evening with about 20 carefully selected, cute and special ones but fast forward to it being the annual clean and sort of her room and there are well over 200 of the things now. Of course, all of which are special to her and none could possibly be given away or heaven forbid thrown away – nope those dust collectors all have names, are given cuddles and she knows if one is missing.

Storing this amount of soft toys is a little tricky, I tried lining them all up on the top of her wardrobes but she couldn’t reach them and I spent so long having to hunt for a certain one who had to be in bed with her that night that I gave up, up until recently they have been hanging from the ceiling in an ikea toy storage net and piled into a washing basket but I still had to help get down the high hanging ones.

That’s when Songmics stepped in and send her a wonderful interlocking toy storage system for her room. This system is made up of 9 interlocking cubes which you build yourself and can customise the shape to fit the room/space available.

You could make it up into 3 x 3 cubes or mix it up a little and choose the best shape to fit.

This all comes flatpacked and initially you may think it will take a while to set up but it is actually a quick job BUT do make it up in the room you plan to use it in – unlike me who decided I had more room in the living room to assemble it then have to take it apart to get it up the stairs.


The boxes are made up of a high quality plastic sheet which all content together with plastic connectors which have slots to fit each piece into. There are diagram instructions which clearly show how the pieces all connect together and once you have your finished shape you can then slide the doors into the connectors in the front and you’ll have a solid structure.

Each cube is 112cm x 112cm and 37cm deep. When made up each cube can hold up to 10kg and the structure as a whole can be screwed onto the wall to help secure it in place.


I found this really easy to build although it was much bigger than I expected….that will teach me for not measuring it.

Because I was able to built to fit the space in Emmy’s room I was able to really customise it to sit on top of her chest of drawers.

She had great fun when she came home from school filling it will all of her soft toys, grouping them together into sets and families and she even had space left for other toys and books too.


This really is a great storage unit and because it comes in a few colour options you would be able to use in any room of your house to not only store toys but perhaps books, shoes or even clothes. These are available from Amazon and costs £36.99 (Currently on offer for £33.99 – with other colours available from £28.99)


Giveaway Time

If you would like to win one of these fantastic interlocking storage units then please enter via the Rafflecopter form below. The winner can choose which colour they would like from Pink (as shown above), Black, White or Black & White.

This giveaway is open to UK entries only and ends at midnight on 3rd December 2017. Good Luck

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135 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Songmics Interlocking Storage Cubes

  1. I would put this in my daughter’s room to put all the bits and bobs in that currently adorn her bedroom floor!

  2. I’d pop this in my living room … for the bits of toys that always seem to overspill into my living room !!

  3. Definitely my youngest daughters room to make lighter work of her floordrobe. I would put her arts and crafts materials as well as knex and lego so they all have a specific home rather than being jumbled up in the toy box.

  4. I child mind for some friends and have turned my conservatory into a mini nursery, so these would look great in there xx

  5. I would love to gift this to my best friend for her children. They would love to be able to store their toys in there.

  6. This would be perfect for my daughter Lily’s room, we are hoping to move her baby sister in with her in the next few weeks, this would be perfect to store both of their toys x

  7. I’d put this in my daughters room. It’s just been decorated but we have still not made room for when her little sister moves into her room so this would be great to store toys in to make room 🙂

  8. my youngest’s room is where I’d put this and I’d fill it with all her little tiny toys – like num noms, lego sets, play food for her kitchen etc.

  9. It would be ideal for my friend for her children. She could put it in their room to store all of their toys/games/crafting materials.

  10. I would put this in my hallway, it would be great for school bags, shoes, PE bags, etc. so we’d know where everything was in a morning!

  11. This would be perfect for the girls bedroom, they could keep all their shopkins, num noms and barbies – give them a home besides the floor!!!!

  12. At the moment it would go in my bedroom with our little girls clothes in there. When she’s older she can have it in her room to store toys and books.

  13. I would give it to my daughter for storing my 2 granddaughters toys and books. There is 9 years (less 8 days) between them and they have to share a bedroom until they can move. This would make a great room divider and I assume that you could alternate the doors on both sides

  14. I would put this in my daughter Olivias room for her books and other little bits and pieces, she would be over the moon with this

  15. I would have this in my daughter Heidi’s bedroom to store all of her toys books and stationery 🙂 Super handy!

  16. It would go in one of my 3 boys rooms to store all the stuff they feel that at present the floor is a good place for it to be!!

  17. I would use it in my five year old daughters room for her teddies and toys, she will be sharing her room with our baby daughter after Christmas so this would be perfect xXx

  18. It would go in the living room/playroom/dressing area.
    Because it is modular, it would be perfect for this awkward space that I have not been able to use.
    I would store socks/tights (always forget them upstairs) along with toys and arts & crafts material.
    Very versatile indeed!

  19. my sister has just started afresh after a marraige break up. she hasn’t got much so this would help furnish her daughter, my niece’, bedroom.

  20. My daughter’s bedroom which needs doing up. This would be ideal to store her arts and crafts bits and her Lego!

  21. I’d give to my neice who has been decorating her daughter’s nursey/playroom
    Books toys ….. she would store lots

  22. my boy’s bedroom, definitely ideal for toy storage – lego, soft toys, radio controlled car, train set etc etc etc.!

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