Review: The Happy’s interactive pet

We seem to be collecting pets in our house currently, a Hamster was our latest to this collection, thankfully when another arrived I was  very pleased it was a toy.
Meet Chance:

Chance is an interactive Beagle (The Happy’s) who you can train to do tricks and to follow you around.

He has over 25 sounds and a wide range of movements.  He has a soft plush body and is rather cute and adorable.

These pets come with a Happy Treat Bone which uses Infrared Technology (IR) – to activate, you press on his back to turn him on and he lets out a whimpering sound.

You then press the button on the treat bone and he follows you around.  You can also teach him to do tricks such as spin, explore and do a silly dance.

Now I think we are rather rubbish pet owners as we are struggling to make ours do anything other than follow us on occasions – he seems a little temperamental – just like us really.
This hasn’t stopped Emmy wanting to play with him and he gives her and Harry the giggles which is a great thing.  They really like him.
Perhaps older children with more patience will have more success in training him as I think he really needs to ‘learn’ the tricks.
There are 4 different Happy’s pets available – 3 puppies and a kitten.
For further information please visit Flair, these pets cost £19.99 each.
Disclaimer: We received one of these toys for the purpose of this post.



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