Review: Hudor Seesaw/Roundabout

Having 2 children means they do often fight over the same toys.
If Harry has a toy it’s guaranteed that Emmy will want it and vice versa.  They aren’t at that magic age yet where they can share although to be honest is there really a magic age where that happens?
The fights we have are unreal…I know they need to learn but often it’s easier to just have 2 of everything to save the hassle – anything for an easy life sometimes works best.
One thing they are unable to fight over is their new seesaw-roundabout they were sent this summer from Wickey.
In fact it has helped with the arguments as they are forced to work together, after all a seesaw just wouldn’t work with one person would it?
I tasked Paul with the job of putting this together and I’m told it was pretty straight forward and would have been much quicker had Emmy not been ‘helping’.
The box it comes in is rather small as it comes in many pieces (it is on the heaver side so don’t let the kids try to carry the box) however don’t be daunted by this as it’s rather straightforward to assemble.

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There are detailed instructions on how to out together as well as pictures to follow.
20 minutes later and not only was it built but was being used by Emmy and Harry.

The small size means that Harry is able to climb onto the seat himself, and then Emmy could still reach to get herself on.  They can’t manage this the other way around so Emmy needs to remember to allow Harry to climb on first, and she is pretty good.

Once anchored to the ground it doesn’t matter how rough they are and how much they bounce it doesn’t move thankfully.

Under each seat is a bar with a cushioned end, this is to stop the seats going too low to the ground, while the cushioned end stops damage to the grass and stops it being a bumpy ride.

As well as being a traditional seesaw, this is also a round about too.  By staying on the seats you can either bounce it around in a full circle or if your feeling lazy like my two often are – you can make an adult swing you around.

With padded grip handlebars it helps you to stay in a seated position.

I do find Harry slips off the seat often when either being bounced in a circle or bounced up and down too hard by Emmy.  He doesn’t seem to mind though and just shouts ‘Elp Me’ until he is put back on and giggles when it happens again.

Hudor, Seesaw/Roundabout, Review, Wickey,
I love how giggly this makes Harry

In my option if the seats were deeper it would stop this from happening but they both love it and have had hours of enjoyment from it so it doesn’t ruin it for them at all.  One niggle I have is that the rivet pin in the centre of this keeps falling out, it could do with having a bolt on the end to stop it happening, it’s not helped by the fact it can easily be pulled out by Harry, who has now learnt that if he does remove it the bar with the 2 seats attached can come off – he thinks it’s rather funny to remove the pin and then hide it.

Priced currently at only £46.70 it is great value for a 2 in 1 toys which provides so much enjoyment and which forces my two to co-operate and to share!

I am now debating what else our garden needs for next summer and am 99.9% sure they would really LOVE one of these climbing frames, just where it would go now I’ve bought the 12ft trampoline I don’t know, but it would keep they quiet happy wouldn’t it?

Disclaimer:  We were sent this item for the purpose of this review, all wording and thoughts are our own and unbiased.

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