Review: Inspiring creativity with Interplay Fairy Cards

Do you have the same problem as me?  Your diary is filled with Birthday dates but you actually never look in that diary, infact do you know where it is?  I don’t as it was lost around the same time as my address book (thanks kids!).
Special occasions creep up on us and I’m never prepared enough to have a stock of cards anymore – we used to but I forget to replace them once used or make enough.
Emmy recently received a Make your own Fairy Cards set from Interplay to try out and to get creative with.
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She couldn’t wait to get started and as she was off School poorly it was a perfect activity for her as she was being kept occupied while sitting and resting at the same time.
Inside the box are:
  • 8 blank greetings cards in 2 colours (black and white) and in 2 sizes
  • 8 decorated envelopes
  • Over 100 pre-cut colour decorations and greetings messages
  • 25 self-adhesive gems
  • 250 self-adhesive sticky squares
  • Instructions
I’ll be honest from the off, we didn’t even look at the instructions – this set is pretty self-explanatory and you are only limited by your own creativity.
There is no correct way to make a home-made card so I emptied the contents, showed Emmy how to take the backs off of the adhesive sticky squares and watched her do her own thing.
The only time I helped was to tell her what the messages said and then we sounded them out and read them together – learning through play at it’s best (don’t tell Emmy this as she isn’t keen on anything which may be referred to as learning, well she is 5 after all).
Emmy and Harry both had a rather creative afternoon with this set, Emmy planned out her cards by laying out her creations and then sticking them into place with the adhesive stickers, Harry on the otherhand needed help to stick the stickers on and stacked them on top of each other on the card before pulling them off and rearranging again and again.
We found that as the designs are pre-cut it makes card making even easier and Emmy actually wanted to sit down for longer making more and more cards as she was really enjoying herself and the finished results looked wonderful.  We do find that when she cuts out her own designs or we try painting/printing our own cards that frustration sets in when they don’t turn out as planned.
There was no frustration with this set only beautiful cards for the whole family.
Every family member had a card made for them and once the pre-cut cards had run out we were able to make at least 5 more using our own cards as there were enough decorations and messages left to carry on creating.
This set is priced at £7.99 and is aimed at children aged 4-7 years.  I can honestly say that Harry had just as much fun making these cards as Emmy did.
Of course with Mother’s Day fresh in her mind I have a lovely card waiting for me in the morning – I’m not allowed to see the design however I was able to catch a glimpse at the writing.
I love homemade cards and while we usually try to make and create our own from scratch finding time to actually do so is rather hard, this set is a happy medium as they are still homemade but with the effort and hassle taken away from you – great for anyone who is either like me: disorganised and lacking time or for those who aren’t that crafty and don’t have an overflowing craft box to hand.
This set is available from
Disclaimer:  We received this set for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
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