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I no longer have to tell you about my dog, he is featured here enough.  He is a long haired Border Collie and to be honest he makes just as much mess as the kids do, if not more at times.  He can’t help it I guess – he moults badly and I find myself having to hoover every single day.
I recently reviewed the Electric broom from Karcher and it has saved on some of the hovering jobs however hasn’t completely removed the need to get out the proper hoover daily, even if I just hoover downstairs where people see.
The MV3 P Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner which has a 17-litre container and a power-tool socket with automatic on/off switch. This medium sized machine packs quite a force and is rather powerful, getting the job down quickly and efficiently, this is a one size fits all machine.
Inside the box are:
  • Suction hose, 35 mm
  • Suction tubes, 2 piece(s), 0.5 m, 35 mm
  • Wet and dry floor tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Adapter for connecting electric tools
  • Cartridge filter
  • Filter Bag
  • Setting up this machine is so simple, just insert the filter, add the filter bag if you choose (Best to use with fine dust) and then pop the top on, clip down the 2 clasps and attach the hose.
    Karcher Clean Team, Karcher MV3 P vacuum cleaner, review
    This new Karcher Mult-Purpose Vacuum cost £119 and is incredibly powerful.  Not only does it clean up dog hairs effectively, it cleans up dust, even fine dust and also both wet and dry debris – perfect for when the kids spill their Cheerios and milk all over the floor! 
    You can use this vacuum to clean garages, cars, workshops and can also be used for DIY renovations as you can attach your power tool directly to the hoover to remove the sawdust and debris as you work! It can even unblock sinks – I’ve not tried that yet BUT I will do when the need arises! 
    As well as being a powerful vacuum it also has a blower feature too – this I use to blow the leaves away from my front door.
    It seems this machine can do just about everything.  It isn’t the biggest hoover I’ve owned however it does require a fair bit of space to store.  I have also found the cord is very short, I can’t do my stairs bottom to top in one go and need to unplug and reposition half way through.  It is also rather noisy and both Emmy and Harry were scared of the noise to start with. 
    Karcher MV3 P vacuum cleaner, review, Karcher clean team
    My Hall carpet sees the most traffic – The buggy comes in and out, muddy boots
    and the dog sleeps here but this tackles that mess!
    There is inbuilt storage for the various tools and cleaning it out is simple – just remove the filter bag and throw away or if not using just empty straight over your large rubbish bin – preferably outside to avoid mess.
    For a machine of this size it is actually very light to carry, which of course if good for cleaning the stairs.  Overall I am impressed with this hoover and can see it lasting a long time.
    For further information on this and other Karcher products please visit the website or follow on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
    Disclaimer:  We received this machine for review purposes as part of our Ambassadors role.  All thoughts are our own and unbiased.



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    3 thoughts on “Review: Karcher MV3 P vacuum cleaner

    1. I have never thought of Karcher doing vacuum cleaners but it sounds like with a few minor adjustments to the cable length and noise level this could be an invaluable addition to my cleaning cupboard. I love the fact that it does more jobs than a bog standard vacuum.

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