Review & Giveaway: Knuma Connect 4 in 1 highchair

Harry has always liked to be independent, he see’s Emmy doing something and tries to do the same forgetting that he is over 2 and a half years younger than she is.

Take the highchair for instance – he hated it from a very young age and refused to sit in it, unfortunately he was too small to sit at the table and our original highchair wouldn’t lower to fit at the table, this left us with a booster cushion option which wasn’t ideal.

Knuma got in touch earlier this year asking if we would like to try out their award-winning 4in1 highchair with Harry and it seemed like the perfect option for us.

The Knuma 4in1 highchair is a multi use highchair suitable for use from 6 months to 6 years.

Full sized highchair can be used from 6 months up to 36 months
Mid-sized highchair can be used from 6 months up to 36 months
Toddle chair with tray can be used from 18 months to 36 months
Child’s table and chair 2 years to 6 years

When this high chair arrived I was surprised at how small the box was, very compact and heavy too.  It comes with clear instruction’s on how to put this together and by following the pictures it took me around 15 minutes to build (I had the help of Harry).

The Full sized highchair is very tall so not an option we are using as Harry now sits at the table with us – to use as a full sized chair you bolt to 2 sections tightly together to make to secure – this is the only option which needs the screws as when using as a mid-highchair you just remove the table top, turn around the table and slot the chair on top, this is all secured into place by sliding the table top into the slots and making a footrest with it.

We can have set up as a Mid chair in the front room and within minutes it can be a table and chairs in the front room for drawing or playing on.

I love just how adaptable this chair is.
It does come with straps too however as Harry is 2 and a half we aren’t using them.

The chair itself has a nice deep plastic seat unit and high sides, you can choose to buy a cushion for this which is available in 4 colours (Red, Green, Orange & Blue) and priced at £30, we opted for the Blue colour (Harry always ends up with Emmy’s hand-me-downs so was nice for him to choose for himself)

The whole unit is very heavy which is actually a good thing as when being used as a Mid-chair Harry uses the footrest to climb up into it, if this unit were light it would probably topple over when he does this. 

We use this chair mainly in the Mid mode as it means Harry can sit comfortably at the table with us and is the correct height to reach his plate or join in with painting and messy play.  The seat is quite large and he has a lot of room still, Emmy even sits in here sometimes (mainly to annoy him). 
When in this mode the chair can tuck under the table so doesn’t stick out in the way and no one trips over it.

The tray unit which you can use when in highchair mode or just on the chair is slightly heavy, it fits all the way around the chair.  We aren’t using this on ours as Harry sits at the table with us and isn’t keen on being restricted at all.

I love how easy to clean this chair is, just wipe it clean.  Even the cushion can be wiped down and when needed popped into the washing machine.

This really is a chair which is built to last, even Emmy likes to sit at the table and chairs to colour and draw and easily fits.

Priced at £190 + £30 for the cushion it definitely isn’t the cheapest highchair around but considering it lasts from 6 months all the way to 6 years it is a great investment and you will not need to buy another chair.
I absolutely love this chair and it comes highly recommended by us.

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Knuma have very kindly offered on lucky reader the chance to win a Knuma Connect highchair and cushion accessory pack in their colour choice – an amazing prize worth £220!
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Disclaimer:  We received this highchair for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

196 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Knuma Connect 4 in 1 highchair

  1. This would be perfect for my youngest granddaughter, 2, who I look after every day. She no longer wants to sit in her high chair as it cannot be used without the tray in it's fixed position so cannot sit at the table with us like her big sister does. So she sits on my knee instead (while I eat one-handed! 😀 ) Would be great to have a chair that will grow with her and be useful for so many years to come. It looks fab!

  2. my brother has just had his first born, Ariana born on 13/2/15. they need all the help they can get, so uncle Jamie loves visiting with gifts. would love to give this to them.

  3. How amazing is this i,ve never seen one like this before i love that it has the different stages for different ages <3 i would love to win for my gorgeous little niece how will be 1 years old on Tuesday this would be amazing fingers crossed 😀

  4. I would have it for my new arrival who is due in August, be nice to have a decent high chair this time around!

  5. If I won, this prize would be going to my mum – she's a pensioner and has just been awarded guardianship of my two young nieces because their parents were struggling massively with caring for them. The girls will have a brilliant childhood living with my mum, but it does involve them moving across the country, and my mum has a lot of big decisions and big expenses to get them settled – school places, clothes, redecorating my old bedroom as their new one, stocking up on a library for them, etc. She's basically having to start from scratch in terms of everything they need.

    I've been supporting her as much as possible – emotional support during the long process to finally get to this stage where we can start building a safe, happy future for them. And now I've been getting them some things to help my mum out – books and toys so far, as they'll be picking out most of their room furniture with her, so they feel included in making their room their own. But this chair and how adaptable it is would be a fantastic surprise both for my mum (who deserves some happy news after the recent hell she's been through trying to rescue my nieces), and for the girls who will be having organic food for dinner, picked straight from the garden, and will be visiting lots of art galleries and museums as well as having their own art supplies and a lot of encouragement to be creative.

    If they got this prize, it would be a really huge thing for them, and it would reinforce to my mum that I'm do everything I absolutely can in order to support her in taking on two young children when she's drawing her pension. I'm really humbled by the commitment she's making to them (one I can't make myself, because my job means I have to travel a lot).

  6. I would give it to my daughter in law who is expecting their first, this highchair would be wonderful a lovely piece of child's furniture that could be used for years x

  7. My granddaughter is due to be welcomed into the world any day now. This would be lovely for her and hopefully for more grandchildren to follow.

  8. We too have a little monkey who doesn't like sitting in the highchair but isn't quite big enough for the 'big boy seats' at the table, cue meltdown. This would be fab

  9. Why my Fave little boy Seb, he's 2 in May and I am sure will get full use out of it! Great review and detail, does seem expensive but like you say it will last for years! I think it look really good, ty for the info!

  10. I'd use this with my little girl, we have similar issues with her not really being big enough to sit at the table but disliking a 'high' highchair. This would solve the problem like it has for you and Harry.

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